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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Something Someone told me that I’ll Never Forget

That is today’s prompt. It is supposed to be something positive or negative about me. Naturally, I can remember something from each category, but because I like to keep everything on the positive side, my focus will be there for this post.

Here is a purse I made - Sunni's Photo's

Whenever I see my friends, they will always tell me, “Oh you should make that and sell it,” referring to something I may have on, or perhaps a purse, or a pair of earrings that I made. I make a lot of my clothes and accessories because I want something different. But I also make drapes, chair cushions, etc. You name it and I’ve probably made it at least once in my life. I am crafty and have always been artistic since I was a child. I try to make use of my other talents once in awhile, other than writing, when I have the time. My imagination is always in overdrive anyway, so there is never a lack of projects. My biggest issue has always been time.

Here is a chair cushion I made - Sunni's Photo's

Anyway, back to the “you should make those to sell.” My friends aren’t like me and have no idea what it takes to put things together. One of my projects takes hours usually because I have to get complicated a lot of the time and can’t just do something simple. By the time I’ve used materials and my time, I could never sell the item for enough to make it worthwhile. However, this seems to be hard to explain. This is one of those things that you have to have done it before you really know what all is involved.

This happens to me all the time, so I’ll never forget, no matter how many times I’ve told them it’s impossible to do; they always tell me the same thing. I am flattered. It’s nice to hear that what I created looks so nice.

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