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Friday, August 1, 2014

My little man is nine-months-old today

Raven - nine-months old today

Wow!  I can hardly believe I’ve had this little guy almost six months already.  He’s such a perfect little angel too, except he’s starting to get into more things as he realizes he has the ability to jump higher than he thought.  Sometimes that gets him in trouble and it’s not so happy around here.


I understand all this and his need to explore everything, which is exciting to him as a baby.  But I have a mellow attitude about these things and expect this having had many cats through the years.  However, tackling and breaking things doesn’t set well with my husband who doesn’t want to role with the punches.  I’ve picked up anything breakable early on, but now I have to pick up more things and anticipate what he might get into because I don’t exactly like him tearing things up either, or suffering through a bad day because of it.


Raven knew he was in trouble yesterday when he was yelled at for attacking an arrangement in a pot.  He sat staring at my husband with wide eyes for the longest time probably wondering what was coming and what he did wrong.  Poor little guy.  He’s really very good and well behaved considering he’s still a baby.

 What happened to this little baby?
He’s growing by leaps and bounds, but still has a tiny meow and I consider him possibly a teenager now, but his voice hasn’t changed yet.  Do cat’s voices change?  I think so.

He loves to play with the other cats, but Tootie isn’t too gung-ho about that since the eye incident.  Koki only wants to play when SHE wants to and on HER terms, so usually he makes his own fun, or we play games with him to wear him out at night so he doesn’t get into things while we’re sleeping.  He does like to stay up in the dark now more than he used to.

 Raven entertaining himself

The only time he’s really a pest is when he’s hungry.  He wants us to feed him NOW so he’ll wake us up by chewing on an arm or leg or even on my head.  He’s getting a bit better about that, but he wants his wet food in the morning.

He doesn’t know a stranger either, greets all the visitors we have, and soon is all over them with his purring and climbing.  Thank goodness, most people don’t mind because he’s an attention hog.

 Raven in the kitchen wanting to eat.  I've almost stepped on him.

At night when I’m cooking dinner, he comes and falls over by my feet because he knows its dinnertime and I’ll feed him.  Raven’s such a little character.  I think he’s happy and knows he’s loved and has a forever home.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Construction workers vehicles are everywhere


Work is continuing on the house two lots down.  There must have been eight or nine different vehicles lining the roadside today.  Recently we saw the tile delivered, the color cote for the stucco outside, and work on the roof tiles and stone in front going on.  We walk down there a couple of times a week and look at the progress.

The stucco will be dark brown

 This is where the pool goes.  Look at all the water.

They dug the pool a week or so ago and the hole is filled with water, lots of water from the underground stream running through there.  I guess they’ll have to pump it out to pour the concrete for the pool.  I’m wondering how all this will turn out later because the water will be a permanent thing under there unless they install some sort of pump to continuously get rid of it.

 This is the tile

The tile is like what we have in our house, only lighter.  About half of that’s in.  They delivered the cabinets over the weekend.  They’re dark brown, a nice contrast to the lighter tile, but not a color I would pick.

 Some of the cabinets

When we got up today, there was a white contractor truck with trailer attached blocking our walkway and more importantly, the for sale sign.  My husband went out to take care of that.  Naturally, the contractor wasn’t pleased but he did move his vehicle.  That started the day on a sour note.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Pondering at night


I always seem to ponder or become philosophical about things in life, as I lie awake at night listening to my husband sleep.  Insomnia is a big issue for me, or perhaps this is my only quiet thinking time.

You would never believe the things that go through my head, usually stemming from some recent news or event, gathering momentum to reach out from there to other people and things like the tentacles of an octopus unfurling and stretching.

I should really get up and write some of this stuff down but I’m trying to sleep.

Sometimes I wonder how my family can be so different from each other in their thoughts, beliefs and expectations in life when we all grew up in the same house under the same conditions.  I won’t go into any particular situation regarding this, but it really makes me think and wonder where attitudes come from.

I always thought the adult that you become forms in the early years of your life, but now, I’m not so sure about that.  I think everyone’s life experiences also play a big role.  We have to face the fact that certain people have an influence on us in a big way.  It’s not only people we meet in the course of our lives, but also places we’ve visited or lived, adventures we were daring enough to try or not, different philosophies and outlooks presented to us by people or books we’ve read.  Even certain movies can have an impact.

We all have choices as well and the choices put us into situations that may change the outcome of our lives later down the road, whether this happens literally, or in the way that we think and view things yet to come.

As I said, once we reach adulthood we all make life choices. Every choice affects the outcome of our lives as human beings.  I’m not just pondering spiritual choices or lack there of, but other things as well, such as diet, exercise, associations with people we view as friends or foes, and family.  Even books we read have an influence.  If only on a subconscious level, they plant seeds in our brains to make us think and learn.  All of these things, plus many more, has an effect on us in either a positive or a negative way.  Sometimes these choices can cause lifelong affects, such as illness or lives of crime if we associate with the wrong people.  It’s important to be wise before we leap.

We all have the ability to be independent or dependent, positive or negative, gung-ho or passive about things facing us.  I’m sure we all wish we had a crystal ball too, so that we could view the future.  That would certainly help us make the right decisions today.

But as humans, we all have to do the best we can with the info we have at the time.  Every experience is a learning one, if we only pay attention to the lesson there for us to see.

Being the writer I am, sometimes I try to work out issues between my characters instead of sleeping, but usually my mind delves into life’s bigger matters as the hours tick by on the clock.  I don’t know why.  Do any of you ever do this?

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sandpaper Kisses


Okay, I can’t help it but this is another post about my little man, Raven.  He woke me up this morning with his sandpaper kisses about 4 AM.  He was sleeping on my pillow with his head on my shoulder when he decided that my face needed a bath, I guess.  I reached over to pet him and he was purring like crazy.

This cat is the sweetest thing.  It’s been about twenty years since I had a cat that sleeps on my pillow.  I woke up a week ago to find him nestled into my shoulder two nights in a row.  I don’t know if this will be a normal thing or not.


He’s almost nine-months-old now and clearly content and loving his new home.

I almost adopted a black kitten three years ago from our local no-kill shelter.  In fact, I was in the shelter signing the paperwork too bring the kitten home for a try out with my girls.  They let you do that here, giving adoptive parents a two-week trial if they have other animals in the house.

This didn’t work out because who would call me on the cell phone at that moment – my husband, who nixed that idea real quick – as we already had three cats and didn’t need another one.  The lady at the shelter was a bit disgusted with me as we’d done the paperwork and she had the kitten in a box and had given me a bag of kitten chow.  I felt bad leaving the poor little thing there screaming his head off – he wanted out of that box! 

The next week I ended up in the hospital for emergency surgery.  Now maybe this was a good thing, me not being able to follow up on that adoption.  Three years later, I found Raven who was waiting for me to adopt him and give him a good home.  So everything worked out in the end.  I hope the shelter kitten got a loving home too.  He would be three-years-old now.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

It’s Official

Putting the For Sale sign up

Well we put the “for sale” sign up at last.  I have mixed feelings about this, although I’ve had enough of the desert I think.  We’ll see how it goes.  It’s so blasted hot here.  But we did get one call already so that’s encouraging.

We cleaned like banshees today and will again tomorrow to get everything in order.  People will have to realize we do live here so things aren’t perfect all the time.  I think it’ll be okay.

Now where to move to is the big question…

Thursday, July 24, 2014

An unusual lizard sighting

Wall Maintenance

Last weekend we were having a crack repaired in our block wall.  The mortar between a few blocks had cracked over the last ten years.  This is probably wear and tear due to weather extremes here, but my husband is a perfectionist and this bothered him so he was out there in the hundred-degree heat helping the guy with the repairs.

 Zebra-tailed albino lizard

During the course of this, he spotted this albino lizard in the desert seeking shade under a bush on the other side of the wall.  We’ve never seen one of these in the ten years we’ve lived here, but it sounds like they’re common.

 Zebra-tailed albino lizard

Naturally, I ran for the camera so we could get some pics.  We take pictures of everything around here.  My camera gets well used.

Later I came in and looked this lizard up on Google.  For more info on the zebra-tailed lizard, check out Wikipedia.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014


We all have to get creative at times when it comes to fixing things because - face it - sometimes you have to do it yourself.  If you don't you may wait a very long time to get something done, if it ever happens.

This is the repainted door we were working on

Recently, this was true of the garage door. (the fire door between the garage and the house).  We needed to get the springs replaced in the door so it automatically shuts itself since it's a fire door.  It has to pass house inspection and that's something on the list.  We had the door taken off in October to be repainted.  We've waited for someone to come and put the hinge springs back in place since then.  We finally decided to tackle that job ourselves since it wasn't happening any other way.

What an ordeal.  What would take some expert five minutes took us half the day.  This is no easy job when you don't know what you're doing and have never done it before.  But we persevered and finally could cross it off the "to do" list.

This is the spring mechanism we had to insert the pin into.  There is one at the top and one at the bottom of the door.

 Of course, over the months one of the springs was lost.  Nobody would sell us just a spring.  We had to buy the whole mechanism.  So we put on the thinking cap and made our own.  These pins don’t exactly look like a spring, but are more like a finish nail.  They are designed to hold the spring in place, putting tension on it, so the door will close automatically. 

Naturally, we didn’t have any nails the right size, so we cut a finish nail off and with great effort got it in the hole.  And guess what?  It works!
Unless you've been through it, there's more to consider when selling a house than you'd think about on an ordinary day.