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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Letting Go

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I don’t get to do this very often. To me, this means shucking the responsibilities, cares and worries, and letting my hair down, doing what I want for a short time and just being myself, whether it is crazy to someone else or not. This could mean drinking a nice glass of wine, walking in the desert, laughing with a like-minded friend, playing with the cats, or just doing nothing and having no one question me about my choice.

Letting go is certainly not about any kind of work, cooking, cleaning, or chores. It’s about being that kid again, for a few minutes, and doing what strikes my fancy at the moment, even if the shackles are self-imposed at times.

Maybe we’d all be more relaxed, if we got more time like this. Sadly, we don’t appreciate it as kids.

There is one day left of this May challenge. If you’d like to participate, here is the link:
Story of My Life: Blog every day in May: a challenge


  1. Letting go is good sometimes. In many ways I'm able to do this in my current circumstances, but I probably don't do it like I should.

    A Faraway View
    An A to Z Co-host blog

    1. Lee,

      Thanks for visiting and posting. It is hard to do this much with all the responsibilities we all have these days.



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