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My Books

Haversham Hill

Deep in the woods of New England, past a quaint village, stands a three hundred year old mansion.  The sparkling white walls make it appear beautiful at first glance, but under the exterior the house holds deeper secrets where restless spirits wonder waiting for their next victim.

After her divorce, Amber O’Donnell sets out with her twin daughters to make a new start away from the hustle and bustle of the big city.  Finding the mansion in a newspaper, she falls in love with it and is looking forward to a quiet relaxing life in this gorgeous old home.  After moving in, she finds her life anything but relaxing and quiet and soon must face the fact that her dream home is haunted forcing her to go against her convictions and seek out the help of the local witch.  Will she take this woman’s advice or seek another answer to the problem?

The Medallion - Book One - The Prophecy

THE MEDALLION, a medieval fantasy set in the British countryside, follows the lives of Alana and Anwen, two sisters from a peasant family who enjoy their peaceful lives in a small farming village until raiders attack.  The hamlet burned to the ground, their parents murdered, the girls are left to survive alone.  The only object Anwen could rescue is the mysterious medallion carved with unfamiliar symbols, which once belonged to a wizard. 

The raiders capture, rape and enslave Alana, ultimately selling her to another criminal.  Sick and broken she finally escapes and after a perilous journey ends up at an inn where she begins to see a glimmer of hope for a better future. 

Anwen struggles to her grandmother’s village where she is trained in the healing arts.  She is tormented by visions of her sister in the hands of the raiders.  Later as unexpected events occur, she begins to suspect the medallion has powers that will help her find Alana and at the urging of her grandmother goes on a quest to discover what the symbols mean. 

THE MEDALLION’s characters face their challenges and adventures with determination and courage.  Will Anwen discover the secret behind the medallion she wears?  Will Alana find a better life after years of struggling and heartache?  Will the sisters be reunited? 

This gripping and extensively researched historical novel of human courage in the Middle Ages focuses on a fascinating time in history due to upheaval that can change things in an instant.  Adult fans of Marion Zimmer Bradley’s work will enjoy this story about the strength and ingenuity of women from distant times.

Since childhood the author has been a fan of fairy tales and magical stories.  Anwen and Alana have long moved the author’s spirit to tell their story.

Saving the Rainbow

Twelve-year-old Patrick is a bored, potato farmer’s son, irritated with his sister’s nagging and his ordinary life.  He dreams of adventure, but never expects these dreams to come true until he meets a leprechaun named Grady.

Grady needs Patrick’s help to rescue the rainbow that has been stolen by trolls along with the pot o’ gold.  After studying the boy from afar, Grady knows he’s just the lad that will be up to a challenge like this.  Aye, it was lucky he caught sight of the laddie in the first place.  Patrick thinks of himself as fearless, especially after putting the frog in ole Ms. Flannigan’s school satchel, so he’s more than ready to go along on such a quest.

The two set off on a journey across the Irish countryside, venturing into the demon-filled Black Forest where the trees come to life at sunset.  They must cross a precarious footbridge; face dark caves, and are attacked by angry owls before Patrick endures the ultimate test of battling the trolls for the rainbow and pot o’ gold.  Will Patrick really be brave enough to rescue the rainbow? 

SAVING THE RAINBOW is a magical tale for young adults.  It explores the nature of fantasy and reality, safety and danger, and what it means to grow up.

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