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Thursday, May 23, 2013

School Doesn’t Teach You Everything about Life

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Some of the basic things we learn in school are fine and dandy. Everyone should know how to read, write, and have basic math and English skills. However, school neglects to prepare us for the common things we will face as adults in society.

1.  Life is not always fair and that is something you have to get used to and deal with.

2.  Selling yourself to get a job is not easy. Often times, it is about being in the right place at the right time and having prior experience. Much of the time, it is about whom you know, and not necessarily, what you know. This is unfortunate, but how real life is.

3.  You will not graduate high school and/or college and find yourself in a high paying job automatically. You have to earn it by working.

4.  Employers are a lot harder to deal with than schoolteachers are. You don’t get many do-overs in real life.

5.  You have to take responsibility for all your screw-ups.  Your parents are not going to bail you out.

6.  Flipping burgers or emptying bedpans is not beneath your dignity. Usually everyone has to start at the bottom of the ladder and prove yourself in your job.

7.  They don’t divide real life into semesters. Your employer won’t let you take the summer off. Life isn’t like television.

8.  How to do your own laundry, shop for groceries, manage your paycheck, pay your taxes and still have enough money left over for car insurance, rent utilities and other responsibilities you have in adult life.

9.  All about living in a democracy where you can vote after you reach a certain age. How to make decisions concerning the candidates, the issues, and how they will affect you.

10.  How to feel good about yourself and be happy while you work towards your goals

11.  There should be a class on how to select the right friends and the other important people in your life. Will your high school friends stick around and keep in touch after graduation? True friends will be there to support you when you need it, even if this is just someone who is non-judgmental of you and you can bounce ideas off. We all need feedback about things from time to time.

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  1. Good one Sunni. I happen to think that life is just one big school, but some of us are much slower learners! I admire how hard you work at all this. You always have something interesting to say. I hope you get enough 'down time'.

  2. Shirlene,

    You're back! And you had a wonderful trip I hope. Thanks for reading and commenting. I'm glad you think I have something worthwhile to say. That means a lot. I do spend hours on my writing and I do take it seriously, so you got that right.

    I was away for a few days and went down to southern CA to see some old friends. Of course, it wasn't for near long enough and I ran like mad to get around to everyone in the four days I had. That was fairly difficult with a husband along who got worn out. I was always on the go and am blessed to have so much energy at my age. I wasn't about to waste one minute because it's been nine years since I saw everyone. It's likely to be another nine before I get back there.

    Thanks for visiting.



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