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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Something I Read Online

Photo Courtesy of Victor J Blue of the NY Times

Well that is today’s prompt and it's wide open because all of my news comes from the internet, usually. I have read many interesting things. I like the weird news the best. I get tired of all the bad news that is going on all over the world. At least the weird news gives me a good laugh once in awhile. Sometimes that’s a welcome thing. Much of what goes on doesn’t surprise me anymore, but some of this stuff makes me wonder about people because it is so strange. Where are their heads?

So for you enjoyment, or to get away from normal life, I give you a weird story for this post. This one is a class on how to write a suicide note, not especially funny I suppose, given the topic. The weird thing here is that I never knew there was such a thing. Who would really attend a class like this anyway? I don’t think most suicidal people would care. The teacher even calls this a genre of its own. Hmmm.....

Make sure you read the responses to this post from the NY Times.
Suicide Note Is Topic of an Ultimate Writing Class - NYTimes.com

Here is something else astounding. The name Wayne is the middle name of many people who have committed murders. Isn’t that news interesting and strange? Look at the list here.

Here’s a link to more weird news about varied subjects.

I’ve always wondered how much they pay people to do studies on this kind of stuff.

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