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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

I’m Afraid of What

Photo Credit - Gandolfo Cannatella

That’s the topic for today’s post. All the prompts in this May Challenge are things that you should be able to answer without racking your brain too much. They can also be short, if you like. If you want to participate, you will find the info you need here:

Story of My Life: Blog every day in May: a challenge

Now, to get on with today’s post. I am probably most afraid of losing everything and having to live as a homeless person. Normally, this kind of stuff wouldn’t cross my mind a lot, but my husband is quite a naysayer about what is going on in the US these days. Listening to him all the time makes me wonder about many things.

I’m not sure how worried I really need to be, or if this is just an argument for getting me to agree to moving out of the country. He doesn’t understand that I can see no sense in that. It will be very hard to see my family then, not that I see them much now, but it is still doable when I can drive there, if I have to.

I know our funds are always in short supply and the cost of everything keeps going up. To make ends meet in the US on retirement income is very difficult. We really will have to work all our lives. Of course, the argument is we will live well in a foreign country. I’m not so sure this is true after talking with friends who have done that. I think we, as Americans, are just a spoiled bunch because we’ve had so much all of our lives and don’t realize the difficulties and expenses that can arise in foreign areas.

Anyhow, the jury is still out on the verdict as to where to move, but the planning and downsizing efforts continue.

If I were homeless, where would I plug in my computer, and keep all my cats, not to mention everything else I would never part with? This would be a real serious issue. Has anyone else ever thought about this?


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