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Friday, May 31, 2013

A Vivid Memory

That’s today’s prompt. Naturally, something flashed in my mind right away, so I’ll write about that. I can’t believe this is the last post in the May challenge. Somehow, I’ve managed to post to this blog almost every day for two months.

This vivid memory has to be my trip to Hawaii from Alaska. I was living in the last frontier at the time and had never been to Hawaii. The thought of going there in February was very exciting. Who wouldn’t want to get away from the gray skies everywhere you looked? When I say gray, I mean you can’t distinguish the ground from the sky, more like whiteout conditions. Everything was frozen and had been for months. I was tired of falling down on the ice every time I stepped out the door. Plus, I’d never seen Hawaii before in person. I only visited there through reading and TV shows.

From Diamond Head - Oahu Hawaii

If I live to be a hundred, I’ll never forget stepping off that plane.

Beach in Hawaii

This was a jaw-dropping moment when it was my turn to disembark. The bluest sky I had seen in years greeted me. Everywhere I looked was green. Palm tree fronds floated on the breeze, which brought the scent of flowers to my nostrils. I had landed in Heaven!

Hibiscus is everywhere in lots of colors

This is a Woodrose

Hawaiian Red Ginger

Bird of Paradise

Plumeria - this is also in many colors.  The yellow is generally used in lei's.

I was in disbelief that I was actually in such a nice place. Warm ocean breezes caressed me. The variety of flowers in every color everywhere was overwhelming. As we made our way to the airport, people were there to greet us with a big smile. Then they slipped gorgeous lei’s around our necks. OMG! Can life get any better than this?

Plumeria Flower Lei

We soon were on our way to Kauai after spending the night in Oahu. The next ten days were spent sailing, lying on the beach where I got the worst sunburn of my life, eating at sidewalk cafes, and visiting all the tourist attractions.

Wailua River Kauai Hawaii

Fern Grotto Kauai Hawaii

We took a boat to the Fern Grotto. A group of Hawaiian singers serenaded us on our trip down the Wailua River. You would think that you landed in the land of the jolly green giant. The ferns and philodendrons that are growing wild there are huge. It was like navigating through a jungle once we got on the narrow winding trail to the grotto.


When you order food in Hawaii, they actually serve it with orchids on your plate. This goes for casual eating as well as fine dining. How is that for ambiance?


One day, we went sailing on a catamaran. That was great fun; although it had its moments, as it tilted in the water, because I’d never been on one before. The skipper was easy on the eyes, well built, tanned all over, and wearing tiny shorts.

Catamaran Sailing

Sunset on Kauai's North Shore

This trip flew by so fast. Soon it was time to return to that frozen tundra that was home. I was going back to 20 degrees from a balmy 85 and I hated the thought of it. Dragging me to the plane, kicking, and screaming, by my lei is the only way I can describe it. There was no way I wanted to go back, but we did.

Alaska Snow

It was a very long flight and we drank the plane dry. In those days, I drank a lot of vodka. There are more bars in Alaska than anywhere else that I’ve ever lived. Then, who didn’t want to forget you were returning to the wilderness in the winter?

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