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Works in Progress


This will be my first mystery book.  It doesn't have a cover yet, although I have one in my head.  I'm in the rewrite stage.  Here's the back cover blurb.
Growing up for Allie Brown isn’t easy.  Raised in a house of prostitution, going through foster care and a rebellious adolescence, Allie finds herself face-to-face with the sheriff more than once.

Her sister, Steph, tries to keep her reined in, but Allie does have one redeeming quality – taking care of her friends.  When she’s called to the aide of a friend late one night, she finds herself involved in the biggest scandal of her life.

Having to do things she never envisioned, she tries to stay one-step ahead of her pursuers in order to stay alive and not become the NEXT TARGET.


I'm also working on two sequels to this book.  My intent is to make it a trilogy.  I wrote book two, MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE, during NaNo 2013 and then still had to finish the story.  It will need editing and rewriting so its on the back burner at the moment.  I'm working to rewrite book one and hope to publish it this year.

Book three of my mystery series, INCOGNITO, is a rough draft at this point and still needs the last chapters, and then editing and rewriting.  I managed to write 52,000 words of it during NaNo 2014.

My house is still for sale so I have no idea when I'll be moving as planned.  Until then, I'm writing other things, working on these mystery books, and doing challenges like the A to Z, which is on every April.

Stay tuned for updates.

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