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Friday, May 17, 2013

A Favorite Photo and Why

This is me

Today’s prompt is to post a favorite photo of myself. This is a favorite photo because nothing everything seems to be in place for a change. Usually I’m not very satisfied with pics taken of me. I guess that’s the reason why I use this one on book covers, social media sites, and places like that.

If you want to participate in this challenge, click here for the details:
Story of My Life: Blog every day in May: a challenge


  1. Nice picture, and much like yourself, I don't care for any of mine either!

    I was going to participate, but changed my mind...for some reason, I am just burned out with everything lately! Happens, maybe just the weather change or something, one day cold, next hot...

    I haven't written anything either, everytime I think I want to sit down to write, nothing comes out! Lol...not giving up, just breaking.

    Talk to you later! Sandy

    1. Thank you Sandy for stopping by and commenting. That happens with writing. After you take a break, you'll get the creative juices flowing again. I wasn't going to participate in some of these either, but so far I've done all of them.

      I have to get the next few days written up because I'm leaving town and it will be too hard to get on the computer and keep my usual schedule.



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