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Saturday, April 27, 2013

X is for Xcalibur

I love all the King Arthur tales, so I thought this was appropriate for the X post today.

Excalibur - Free Clipart

There is some debate over this sword. Is Excalibur the sword that young Arthur pulled from the stone to become king? Jeffrey of Monmouth wrote a detailed account of King Arthur around 1135. He calls the sword Caliburn instead of Excalibur. He writes that King Arthur, born late in the fifth century, died around 542. The legend goes that the forging of Excalibur took place on the Isle of Avalon.

King Arthur - Clipart

Arthur acquired the sword from the Lady of the Lake, who hands it to him. History says the sword had an unbreakable blade and a scabbard that would protect the king in battle. Eventually, in the end when Arthur dies in battle, the sword, given back to the Lady of the Lake, disappears forever. King Arthur wins many battles with this sword before he meets his end.

The act of depositing swords in sacred lakes and rivers was a Celtic practice from ancient times. Perhaps it was part of a funeral rite. Most accounts from early times were hand written, so it is hard to say what really happened back then. Excavations of the River Thames in England have uncovered many axes, sickles and other weapons.

King Arthur's Round Table - Clipart

I guess I find the whole story of King Arthur, the Knights of the Round Table, and Camelot fascinating. What a grand idea to have a round table where everyone is equal. I can picture the knights sitting there at this massive wood table in the grand hall of the castle, each proven his loyalty to King Arthur and his ability in battle, each living by the Knights Code of Honor, to be chivalrous and brave.

King Arthur's Camelot - Clipart

An impressive castle, white and sparkling upon a hill, can capture the imagination. I can picture the ladies in their long gowns, the hems rustling against the stone walkways, knights standing guard while others practice battle drills in the courtyard, the clang of their swords and shouts ringing up to the windows above. Servants slave away over hot fires in the kitchen, while others carry basins and other things as they take care of every need for the ladies of the castle.

Battle - Clipart

Preparing for Battle - Clipart

I am so into the story that I even took a fencing class, at one point, to see what it felt like to fight with a sword. Of course, we didn’t use broadswords. I have a lot of respect for the men who could actually pick the things up and fight with another for hours and still be able to walk away alive. I have a large sword in my collection with my collection of books.

Jousting - Clipart

I also attend all the medieval faires that I can and watch the jousting tournaments. That is thrilling. It gets so loud with cheering that I can picture the actual tournaments from years ago in my mind.

Merlin - Clipart

Then you throw the wizard and bard Merlin into the mix, and I’m hooked. I never tire of this tale, and can read these stories all day long. I probably have at least thirty King Arthur books in my library. I do think he was a real King and the greatest one Britain has ever had. If people lived by the same codes today, the world may be a better place.

What do you think? Was King Arthur real, or just a fairy tale? My husband and I go round and round over this, because he is sure that King Arthur never lived and is a made up story.

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