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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Despite it all, I Can’t Live Without a Cat!

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Naturally, I have to write about my favorite critters. Although there can be a downside with anything. I love cats because they are quiet, aloof, independent, self sufficient, stealthy, and know when you’re working and are good not to disturb you. Contrary to what some may think, they know if you’ve had a rough day, or are not feeling well and are there to lend their support.

It’s a little tough to travel with them and usually we have to find a sitter if we want to go on an extended stay anywhere. We did own a cabin in the mountains at one time and would take all six of them up there with us for the summer to escape the desert heat. You can imagine what that trip was like every time. Inevitably, somebody would get carsick. Tootie always gets so nervous she has to pee, so the first thing we have is a mess to clean up when we arrive. Other than that, the trip wasn’t bad once you get past the yowling stage.

The worst thing of all is when they throw up a hairball on the bed and I am the one who has to wake up and get up to clean it up in the middle of the night. My husband will hear it and wake me up from a dead sleep. The awful thing about this is that it is tough for me to sleep anyway, so it takes another two hours to go back to sleep. But once I finally do, I am usually so tired I think a bomb could drop beside the bed and I’d never know it.


  1. Purrrr! Pets give us so much - I think they help to make us better and more loving. I'd guessed you'd be doing cats today, hehe! Nice postings Sunni.

  2. Hi Shirlene,

    Thanks for stopping by and reading. Yeah, cats is kind of a predictable subject for me isn't it, but oh well. I have a million cat stories.

    I will check your post later today. I have to go and work in the yard again and see if I can kill myself out there like usual.


  3. People who don't love cats just don't "get" it. I adore them and your C title certainly spoke to me as our beautiful 7 year old has been missing for a month. We are being strong resisting the need to fill the cat-shaped hole in our lives because we have a long holiday coming up and it doesn't seem fair to a new pet to find itself in the cat resort, no matter how comfortable.

  4. My Meadow (sort of) got used to travel. Lila, the former feral kitty we rescued and socialized, not so much.

    Hey Sunni, I hope you're doing okay at home. I'm thinking about you.

  5. Pauleen,

    I'm sorry to hear your little one is missing. I would be going crazy looking for mine, if they vanished. I've had to scour the neighborhood in the past thinking one got outside. Mine stay indoors. All of them are rescues. After searching for two hours once, I came home to find the cat in the back of the recliner. I was so glad it was safe, and wondering if it was laughing at me running around frantically looking for it.

    I wouldn't want to leave mine in a shelter either, if I didn't have to. I think they would be traumatized.

    Thanks for stopping and commenting. I'll check out your site, but it will be tomorrow. It is almost midnight here.


  6. Jagoda,

    Just getting on here so I didn't make it to your site today, but I will catch up tomorrow I hope. Been doing a lot of work around here so we can sell the house.

    Things are usually in turmoil around here, but today went better than some. You never know from day to day. Thank you for your thoughts and stopping by to visit.



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