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Monday, April 29, 2013

Color me Yellow

Gerbera Daisies from my Garden - Sunni's Photo's

Lady Bank's Rose from my Garden - Sunni's Photo's

Yellow is not my favorite color, but it is bright and cheery. It reminds of summer and warm weather, which I love. I always plant yellow flowers in my garden, although finding something the chipmunks won’t eat is always a challenge. They even eat marigolds, which I thought were bitter. They certainly don’t smell very nice. Once the bright yellow flowers are gone, they generally leave the leaves alone, so maybe the only bitter parts are the leaves. My grandmother used to put them on the edges of her garden to keep some of the pests out. She had many old remedies for things.

However, yellow seems to be the choice for lots of things. Have you ever wondered why school buses are yellow, and caution lights, yardsticks, and even pencils? I guess sometimes that my mind gets to going to strange places. I’m always on a quest for answers that I don’t know, so I decided to look this up. Why not use blue, or purple for some of these things?


Yellow and red are bright and the most noticed color by people. School buses in the US have been painted yellow since 1939 because it is a visible color. It is common for color-blind people not to see red. That’s interesting, isn’t it?

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Pencils have been yellow since 1890 and not for the obvious reason, which is so you can easily find it on your desk. Supposedly, the best graphite came from China and yellow there was a regal color associated with royalty and respect, so American pencil manufacturers began painting the pencils bright yellow.


Caution lights are yellow because the color provides the best visibility in the dark while being easy on the eyes. The lights used to be halogen bulbs, but the ones used today are LED because of the longer lifespan and better wear and tear in the weather.

One would guess that other things, like the yardstick and ruler started out yellow for easy visibility. Today they come in various colors.

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  1. Yellow is my favorite color- and I love daisies! What a perfect post for me!!

  2. Clean Slate,

    Thanks for reading and commenting. I think daisies are my favorite flower roo, especiallly the Gerbera daisies.



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