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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Cherishing Friends and Family

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We should cherish friends and family, even if we don’t always agree with everything they do or have to say. We all only have so many of each. We must remember that it is okay to disagree because the world would be a dull place, if we were exactly alike.

We’ve all heard the old saying, if it matters, a friend won’t mind, and if they mind, it doesn’t matter. True friends are there for you no matter what, accepting you for who you are. You can’t put a price on that. You can choose your friends, but not your family. Unfortunately, you are stuck there with the family you happened to get. As we all know, there is usually family conflict from time to time. Maybe this is how it all works, a design of some sort to make you stronger in various ways.

I know there have been skirmishes in my family. There are too many of us to agree on much of anything. We will never agree on some things, yet I can appreciate different views and nothing like that ever really bothers me. It’s okay in my book to be quirky, crazy, or serious, although there’s no need to be too serious all the time. Sometimes, more fun comes from letting your hair down. It’s always fun to laugh and carry on once in awhile, and this is certainly good for the spirit and your health. This is much better than stressing out over a conflict you can never solve.

It boils down to the fact that we all have to live our own lives, but we should still be able to get along with others. The problem today is that a lot of us don’t practice the golden rule anymore. Maybe this is due to the way people grow up with preconceived notions about things. They say we are products of our upbringing and environment. I think this is accurate.

However, we can all learn something from everyone we meet in life, if we keep an open mind. Many find this hard to do. Sometimes, this is beyond my understanding because as long as people aren’t pushing their beliefs on me, I really don’t care what quirks they have. It matters not if they’re green or purple either, or come from a very different place than myself. We are all people living on this planet. We should all be equal, yet free to partake in whatever we decide is important in our lives.

I love my old friends dearly and in a way, they are like family. Sometimes they can be closer than family. I love meeting new friends too. Finding things in common makes this even better. Someone always brings something new to the table, perhaps an interesting hobby, life stories, or something else that is thought provoking. Stretching your mind and learning is a good thing, and should be a life long endeavor.

We are so lucky to live in this age of technology where we can stay in touch with family and friends better than ever before, even if you live across the globe. Not too many weeks ago, I found myself on FB with two of my sisters, so the three of us had a nice chat. That was great fun, completely unplanned, and doesn’t happen often. The internet is a marvelous place.


  1. Great F. I might spend more time locally with friends and actually visit family if we didn't have internet.. but it helps me keep in touch much more often and with those who wouldn't pick a phone up.

  2. Lynne,

    Thanks. I don't often pick up the phone either, but email and FB sure is great for keeping in touch. With the busy schedules we all keep, people can read it when it's convenient.


  3. I agree with you Sunni about learning to live with some conflicts and finding way to have fun and be silly and above all, be yourself. It's great how accepting you are of differences.

  4. Jagoda,

    Thanks for reading and posting. I always try to stay open-minded. Everyone deserves to be treated equally, no one above, no one below, but all equal. All of us being different is what makes life interesting. I just wish everyone thought that way. There would be more peace in the world.


  5. Internet friends can be pretty interesting and supportive in a cyberworld sorta way too huh? I learn from the experiences of others, (YOU for example)- if they are willing to share their expertise, and hopefully I, in turn, can do the same. The great thing about the Internet (so this is also in line with your last posting for E) is that we are able to 'connect' with people we would otherwise never get to connect with. Good work Sunni :) Enjoying dropping by each day.

  6. Shirlene,

    Thanks for stopping why. I LOVE all my cyber friends. Without the internet, we would have never met each other because of the different places all of us live.

    I always learn so much too from everyone. I've been enjoying your posts also.


  7. I love the holidays because it's the one time I get to see all of my family in one place. A few of my relatives are a little messed up in the head, but I still love them anyway, and am always happy to see them.

    I'm also a very loyal friend, even when a friend is not so loyal to me. I just can't help it. I don't understand how some people can so easily drop old friends to find new ones. I still think of them as friends, even if I never see them again.

    From A to Z, Kristen's blog: kristenhead.blogspot.com

    1. Kristen,

      You sound like such a sweet person. I'm glad I happened across your blog today when I was going down the A to Z list.

      I don't get to see my family often because they don't live in the same state. Everyone is too broke to get together much because of travel expenses, or time issues. I probably haven't seen my youngest sister in twenty years. The others I saw when I had to go there for a funeral four years ago.

      Thank goodness for email and FB, or we would never keep up with each other. Yes, I have a couple that aren't right in the head too. I think every family does.

      I hate it when old friends kind of drop by the wayside. Most of the time, it is me reaching out to stay in touch. After months someone may surface again. That's another way that the internet helps because we can email each other when it is convenient, but still I may wait awhile before I get an email answer. I guess everyone is too busy with their lives.

      Thank you for your sweet post and reading my blog.



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