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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Do Birds Bring Omens?

My first thought was to blog about books, but I decided a different subject is in order. Obviously, all of us like to read and have probably read many blogs on books. Instead, I decided I would talk about birds.

I don’t know everything about birds, but what amazes me is how adaptable most species are. Of course, this brings me around to the desert where I’ve lived for the last nine years. Naturally, there are birds of prey here and ravens because you can expect to find those in harsh places. However, there must also be two hundred other species of birds here. There are so many that every January they hold a two-week bird festival.

From Bird Festival Website

Many of these birds end up in my yard during their migration north and south. There are some that are here year-round, such as the various sparrows and finches, mockingbirds, quail, roadrunners, doves, pigeons, cranes, various ducks, and of course the aforementioned ravens and birds of prey.

It is too warm here to have robins and blue jays year round unless you drive up in the mountains. When I lived in CA, we had a blue jay that felt so at home with us that he would come within a foot and eat peanuts we offered him. Sometimes he would even sit at the patio table with us and eat peanuts. I think blue jays are smart birds, as are ravens.

Blue Jay on my Patio Table in California

I saw a program on ravens once on the nature channel. I learned they are the smartest of all birds, learning how to survive anywhere in whatever conditions they encounter. Heat or cold does not trouble these birds. This must be true because they live here in the desert. They were also prevalent in Alaska when I lived there. Incidentally, my cats loved this program on TV. There was lots of bird action and three little faces staring at the screen to see what would happen next. It was too cute.

Raven - Free Clipart

This brings to mind something else about ravens. Do you think that birds bring omens and can tell us about future things? I know the Indians believe in such things, and I think there is some truth to this. In October about four years ago, a group of ravens gathered on the ridge behind my house. By a group, I mean many birds, possible twenty or more, as if they were holding a meeting about something. This happened four days in a row, just before sunset. It has not happened since, or happened before, but I am quite mindful of their activities now because on the fourth day, my family called to tell me my nephew died in an accident. My sister and I talked about this at some length afterward and I also Googled this information. This kind of behavior is a warning of impending death in the family, although it is hard to predict whose death it will be. This fact was enlightening and sobering. My sister does believe birds tell you things, if you know how to read what it is they are saying. She always knows when the weather is changing, etc. by observing bird behavior where she lives. Perhaps you will view birds differently from now on.

One last note on birds, there are none in Alaska except for the ravens and the birds of prey. It is too cold for sparrows, finches, and birds like that. One year, when I was living there, I got to attend a gift show, with my bosses held in Los Angeles. I awoke to bird song. When I looked out the window of my room in the high-rise, I saw sparrows and finches hoping all over, frolicking in frenzy. That brought a smile to my face and I realized how much I really missed that. I watched them so long I was almost late to meet my bosses for the show.

Finches and Sparrows enjoying the birdbath in my backyard

That trip was amazing for me and the four days went by way too quick. Between the common birds, the warm weather, blue skies, and the palm trees, I couldn’t stop laughing the whole time I was there. They thought I was delirious and I guess I was. I didn’t care how polluted LA was. It was like heaven to me right about then. One of the hardest things I ever had to do was get back on that plane to go back to Alaska in January.


  1. I could use some LA sunshine right now! Learned quite a bit from your post!

    (Stopping by from the A to Z Challenge)

  2. Another Clean Slate,

    Thanks for stopping by, reading, and commenting. I'm guessing you must live up north, if you don't have much sunshine yet. We finally have some sun mixed with clouds here in the desert.

    I'm glad you learned something about birds. I'm checking out your site now.


  3. Thanks for stopping by Sunni. You've got some great topics already. I love the pics, those sparrows make me want to get a birdbath. Mine have to make do with water trays on the ground which they use but I don't see them very well. Great to meet you and good luck with the rest of the challenge.

  4. Lynn,

    Thanks for stopping by. My posts are going to be all over the map here during the challenge. My other blog is for writing matters mostly.

    I do enjoy the birbath and sometimes they are so happy in there spashing about and chattering, using it like a neighborhood pool with birds standing in line to get in when some get out. I have water pans all over too becausse I have a lot of critters and water is critical in the desert.

    I'll stop by your blog again. Thanks for reading mine.



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