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Monday, April 4, 2016

C is for Career Moves

This is something one probably shouldn’t be doing in their sixth decade of life.  It’s difficult, but not impossible.  It’s an adjustment too, having been semi-retired for a number of years and out of the workplace for two decades or more.

I think a lot can be said for older workers.  They’re more stable and reliable than their younger counterparts because the kids are out of the house and grown.  Older workers have life experience.  You can count on older workers to come in and not call in sick as often because the kids are sick, or something else is going on in their lives that needs tending to.  There’s also no pregnancy leave required, or PMS days.  LOL

Thank goodness there are a few companies out there that recognize the value of the older worker and the experience they bring to the workplace.  This doesn’t go for every company around, but I believe the trend may be moving in favor of the older employee at more companies.

I worked freelance a few years and still take some freelance work because the job I finally secured out among the public is only part-time.  There are plenty of hours for other ventures outside of my part-time job while still bringing in extra income to help pay bills, or buy things I wouldn’t be able to otherwise.

A few hours a week being out and about is probably a plus too.  It keeps me from becoming the recluse I would be if I was writing and editing all the time in my office hovel.

But working today also makes me realize how things have changed.  It isn’t a world of service oriented individuals anymore, which seems so strange because I was always taught the customer’s always right (regardless if they were or not).  The company wanted to keep customers back in the old days.  In essence that’s still the bottom line – keeping customers – but people aren’t as nice as they were thirty years ago, to each other or to the customers and vice versa.  We live in different times today but thankfully most of the people I work with are older like me and have the “old school” attitude toward the people who visit the store.  It makes things more pleasant all around most of the time. 

With that said, there are still plenty of stories I could write about.  In the short seven months I’ve been there, I have enough for a small book already.  People tend to do some amazing, unexpected things.

But the good news is, if you want a job in your old age, there's one out there.


  1. That is so true about there being a job out there. Might not be your first pick, but there is work available (although I'm not sure about in California; hard sometimes to find a job there no matter what).

    When we lived in Prescott, there were a lot of "older" workers in all fields, retail, restaurant, etc. I'm noticing the same down here in Phoenix. Personally, I don't see myself retiring from work unless health would make me do so. I would always want to have some type of job; even just a few hours a week. I think its vital to get out there and be around people no matter what age you may be.

    I've see better customer service than I thought I would down here in Phoenix. Most, about 90%, go the extra distance :)


    1. Betty,

      That's good to know that customer service isn't dead and that places hire older workers. I think it's vital to get out there and do something a few hours a week too. I wouldn't want to work full time now at my age but part time is good. I can't ever see myself retiring totally.

      Thanks for reading and your comments.


  2. My Hubby works at a home improvement store and he says the same thing, the younger ones don't want to work or they do sloppy hard but at his store, the customer is always right regardless of the silliest things. Glad you are enjoying your work.


    I'm not participating in the challenge but I am still subscribed to your blog :)

    1. Just a little,

      It's too bad you're not doing the challenge this year but I know it's a lot to keep up with. I still have three posts to write which are for later in the month, thank goodness. I'm glad you still decided to stop by. You can do that anytime you know.

      Yes, younger workers don't have the same work ethic we old people do.

      The customer is pretty much always right no matter where you work, but I do think the management at my job will look at both sides if it comes down to it.

      Thanks for visiting.


  3. If only I had a blog when I was working retail. There were days that would have been perfect blog fodder. Working with the public is always interesting.

    1. Liz,

      I know exactly what you're talking about. Trust me.

      Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment.



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