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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Construction workers vehicles are everywhere


Work is continuing on the house two lots down.  There must have been eight or nine different vehicles lining the roadside today.  Recently we saw the tile delivered, the color cote for the stucco outside, and work on the roof tiles and stone in front going on.  We walk down there a couple of times a week and look at the progress.

The stucco will be dark brown

 This is where the pool goes.  Look at all the water.

They dug the pool a week or so ago and the hole is filled with water, lots of water from the underground stream running through there.  I guess they’ll have to pump it out to pour the concrete for the pool.  I’m wondering how all this will turn out later because the water will be a permanent thing under there unless they install some sort of pump to continuously get rid of it.

 This is the tile

The tile is like what we have in our house, only lighter.  About half of that’s in.  They delivered the cabinets over the weekend.  They’re dark brown, a nice contrast to the lighter tile, but not a color I would pick.

 Some of the cabinets

When we got up today, there was a white contractor truck with trailer attached blocking our walkway and more importantly, the for sale sign.  My husband went out to take care of that.  Naturally, the contractor wasn’t pleased but he did move his vehicle.  That started the day on a sour note.

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