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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Breaking the ice

Have you ever wondered where that expression came from?  I did so I did a bit of research and found this expression came about in the 1500s and had to do with the navigation of boats through ice.  In the 1700s, it took on the meaning we use today, to break the social awkwardness between two strangers.


I think this is finally what’s happening with my cats, Raven and Koki.  As you know, if you read much of my blog, Koki is a female cat I rescued as a wee kitten nine years ago.  She’s been the baby in the house until I adopted Raven from PAWS in February.  She hasn’t taken to him well.  In fact, Koki seems insulted that I even brought him into her space.


This past week they’ve taken to chasing each other through the house upstairs.  They hang around up here now and he’s not even waking me as he used to by licking my face and biting my toes.  He’s too busy trying to make nice with his new-found friend.

I’m actually happy to see this – finally.  I didn’t know if it would ever happen and I hate to say much about it since I don’t feel it’s the norm yet.  I’m hoping this behavior keeps up.  I intended for them to be friends from the moment I brought him home.  I was disappointed that Koki was disgusted with me.

This interactive play will keep both of them in shape and younger longer.  Maybe entertainment is coming my way.

 Dark desert skies behind the house

On another note, we finally got a few sprinkles late one evening.  We’ve heard thunder all around for several days, but the rain passes us.  The humidity is up and it’s very hot here, but at least it’s dropped down to the low 100’s.  Some evenings it’s actually cooler outside than in the house, or so it seems to me.

One thing about the desert, there aren’t many time when it’s pleasant weather-wise.  Usually it’s burning up or freezing cold.  I won’t miss that one thing about living here.  The thing you learn is that there’s no perfect place all the time, no matter how much you wish it could be so.

 The desert behind my house - remote and harsh, but beautiful

If I had never moved to the desert, I wouldn’t have Koki and Raven now because this is their birthplace.  It’s been worth it just for that reason alone.  Fate brought me here to find them and give them a loving home.  I’ll never be sorry about that.

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