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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Mysterious Chiming

Our chiming clock

On Sunday afternoon, the chiming wall clock we’ve had for years started working again on its own.  We heard a chime upon returning to the house.  This clock hadn’t worked in months.  A hand came off and we need to have it repaired.

We had it at a cabin we used to own where we’d go in the summertime when it was so blasted hot here where I live.  My husband found it at an estate sale years ago.

Today, after I fed the cats, I noticed Raven staring at this clock and the ticking pendulum.  After that, I noticed there was a hand on the floor (we kept the one that came off in a small compartment behind a door you open to set the pendulum).

 Raven always looks at me with the expression, "Who, me?  I didn't do anything."

There’s a half-wall there, but this cat doesn’t jump upon anything yet.  He doesn’t know he can and I’ve never caught him up there.  There’s a possibility he jumped on a chair nearby and then made a leap for the half-wall.  Perhaps he saw the brass pendulum and decided to check it out.  The door doesn’t close very tight.  Cats love anything that moves.

So the clock is working again, chiming away on the hour and half hour, except it’s fifteen minutes off and one of the hands is missing.

If Raven didn’t start the clock, we have a clock fairy that came to visit.

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