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Thursday, July 24, 2014

An unusual lizard sighting

Wall Maintenance

Last weekend we were having a crack repaired in our block wall.  The mortar between a few blocks had cracked over the last ten years.  This is probably wear and tear due to weather extremes here, but my husband is a perfectionist and this bothered him so he was out there in the hundred-degree heat helping the guy with the repairs.

 Zebra-tailed albino lizard

During the course of this, he spotted this albino lizard in the desert seeking shade under a bush on the other side of the wall.  We’ve never seen one of these in the ten years we’ve lived here, but it sounds like they’re common.

 Zebra-tailed albino lizard

Naturally, I ran for the camera so we could get some pics.  We take pictures of everything around here.  My camera gets well used.

Later I came in and looked this lizard up on Google.  For more info on the zebra-tailed lizard, check out Wikipedia.

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