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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The work goes on

House construction two doors down the road

This is true with the house they’re building two doors down the street and with the stuff around our house.

Several people stop daily to walk through the new house.  They are usually looking at anything new and not just using the port-o-potty at the curb.  Who wouldn’t use the bathroom facilities before they left the house remains a mystery to me.

The new house is really coming along now.  They started putting the stone on the front last week, but it’s a slow process.  The rest of the house will have stucco.

 Stone for front stacked to right .  It actually has moss on it, which won't last long in the desert, but these people are from SLC and have no idea...YET

The inside has the Sheetrock up but it’s not textured yet, so there’s a lot to do on the inside before anyone can move in.  We walk down before sunset and take pictures occasionally.

They finally did get doors on the outside entrances/exits, but the house isn’t locked yet.  The doors still have to be painted.

Look at this beautiful front door.

The new owners will be sorry they put this big window in the front of the house.  This is the west side and is extremely hot in the summer.  This looks impressive on the outside, but this room will cook and be very hot in the summer.  This is their casita.  Perhaps they’ll keep that door closed off to the rest of the house unless a guest comes to stay.

 Here's the pretty window on front that faces west.

Here are the inside doors yet to be installed.

The work in our garage has come to a halt as it’s in the triple digits here now, and even though the garage is insulted, it’s hot out there.  It’s impossible to bring all of that stuff inside to sort for donation, sale, trash, or keep.  I’m still doing a little at a time, but can’t stay out there without becoming a drowned rat with sweat running down my back and dripping into my eyes.

We spend a lot of time on the internet looking for property and watching the wildlife in the yard.

This morning is the first time Raven has actually sat down like a normal cat and tucked his paws under him.  Usually when he wants to get down, he just falls over from a standing up position.  I wish I could catch that on video.  I’ve never seen a cat do that.  He has quite a few quirks.

Raven, my gorgeous little man I love to death!

He’s also starting to bite me on the head in the morning to get me up.  Good grief!  He starts playing in my hair and then trying to bite my scalp.  When I swat him, he just purrs.  What a silly little guy.

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