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Sunday, July 6, 2014

I’m in love with a devil

My little boy is a very small devil, but he’s so loving I can’t say no to him.  Look what he’s done to the cat tree?

 It's down to bare wood at the corners - bad boy!

I always let the cats freely roam the house and always have let them do what they like to their furniture (the cat tree).  They leave my furniture alone and are good about that.  The problem with this attitude is that we humans have to repair the damage to the cat’s furniture so it looks halfway decent in the house.  This is done around here about once a year (if I’m lucky), but is especially important now that the house is for sale.  Not everyone you meet is an animal lover and understanding about them.

Time flies so fast that it seems like repairing the cat tree is always on the calendar.  I’ve never had a cat this destructive, or this loving (to say something in his favor).  I guess his good naturedness wins out and he gets away with a lot.

 This bad little fur ball wore himself out

He was chewing on my arm constantly, making a mincemeat package out of it, so I decided to shop the infant’s department in Walmart.  I have never had any kids of my own, but the idea struck me that he needed a teething ring.  I bought one of these with varying sides for him to bite on (from soft to firm) and that seems to have solved the problem (knock on wood).  My arm is finally healing after months of his bites.

 Koki looking innocent in the dining room.  Unfortunately, I can't get a pic of her attacking me.

However, Koki is a very jealous cat and decided to attack me yesterday for no reason.  I figured she was taking out her fury because I was paying too much attention to the boy.  I give all three cats attention, but you never know what goes through a cats head at any given time.  Now I have a new wound, but I clipped all their nails after that.

On a better note, another lizard showed up to take up residence behind the shudder on the front of the house.  Koki is very pleased about that.  She thinks her friend is back.  I guess when you’re an inside cat, what else do you have to look forward to each day?  I hope this one interacts with her as the last one did.

The real estate people who came over last week loved the house and gave us some ideas on price, etc.  We busted our butts cleaning around here and most of it probably needlessly.  We need to get an appraiser in here next.  This is still daunting since we have no idea where we’re moving yet.

From the desert, it’s a bit cooler.  Thank goodness for that.  I watched fireworks outside from my patio until about 11 PM.  It was a nice 85 with a soft breeze.  I didn’t want to come in.  That was heaven compared to the 105 we’ve had recently.

Work still goes on with the new house two lots down from us and in the garage.  I’ll post pics of the house next time, but not the garage, which is a disaster.  The front door on the new construction arrived and it’s gorgeous.

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