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Friday, August 1, 2014

My little man is nine-months-old today

Raven - nine-months old today

Wow!  I can hardly believe I’ve had this little guy almost six months already.  He’s such a perfect little angel too, except he’s starting to get into more things as he realizes he has the ability to jump higher than he thought.  Sometimes that gets him in trouble and it’s not so happy around here.


I understand all this and his need to explore everything, which is exciting to him as a baby.  But I have a mellow attitude about these things and expect this having had many cats through the years.  However, tackling and breaking things doesn’t set well with my husband who doesn’t want to role with the punches.  I’ve picked up anything breakable early on, but now I have to pick up more things and anticipate what he might get into because I don’t exactly like him tearing things up either, or suffering through a bad day because of it.


Raven knew he was in trouble yesterday when he was yelled at for attacking an arrangement in a pot.  He sat staring at my husband with wide eyes for the longest time probably wondering what was coming and what he did wrong.  Poor little guy.  He’s really very good and well behaved considering he’s still a baby.

 What happened to this little baby?
He’s growing by leaps and bounds, but still has a tiny meow and I consider him possibly a teenager now, but his voice hasn’t changed yet.  Do cat’s voices change?  I think so.

He loves to play with the other cats, but Tootie isn’t too gung-ho about that since the eye incident.  Koki only wants to play when SHE wants to and on HER terms, so usually he makes his own fun, or we play games with him to wear him out at night so he doesn’t get into things while we’re sleeping.  He does like to stay up in the dark now more than he used to.

 Raven entertaining himself

The only time he’s really a pest is when he’s hungry.  He wants us to feed him NOW so he’ll wake us up by chewing on an arm or leg or even on my head.  He’s getting a bit better about that, but he wants his wet food in the morning.

He doesn’t know a stranger either, greets all the visitors we have, and soon is all over them with his purring and climbing.  Thank goodness, most people don’t mind because he’s an attention hog.

 Raven in the kitchen wanting to eat.  I've almost stepped on him.

At night when I’m cooking dinner, he comes and falls over by my feet because he knows its dinnertime and I’ll feed him.  Raven’s such a little character.  I think he’s happy and knows he’s loved and has a forever home.


  1. Raven is adorable! It seems you have your hands full with him, but I'm sure he's worth the little trouble he gets into. :)

    1. Vashti,

      Thanks for reading. He's definitely worth the little trouble he gets into and I expect him to get into some. Kittens are curious about everything. My husband isn't too thrilled about it.

      I still need to make it over to your blog and catch up on my reading. I've been in the garage almost everyday weeding things out so we can move. You know how you can accumulate a lot of stuff. We've got the for sale sign on the house but so far no offers. It's ony been up about ten days though. I'm still working toward cutting things back so it won't take too long to sell, donate, or throw out what we're not moving.

      How are you liking Ft Lauderdale? I bet that's different than NY (I hope I have that right). Didn't you move from the NE?


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