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Wednesday, April 4, 2018

D is for Diamond

I guess nothing much needs to be said about this.  We all know what diamonds are.  Let’s see if I can give you some facts.

Diamonds are just carbon, the same element as graphite.  Diamonds are the hardest natural material because the atoms are locked together.  It’s harder than any man made material.  They can be used industrially for cutting, such as diamond saw blades.

Cut and polished diamonds

Cut diamonds sparkle in the beautiful colors they reflect when they catch the light.  The diamond market is strictly controlled, even making the uncut ones valuable.

Diamonds were traded and taxed in India before 300 BC.  So they even had taxes way back then.  Good grief!  I guess taxes have been around forever.  Diamonds were exported by sea or land along caravan routes.

Uncut and unpolished diamond

There are several famous diamonds in the British crown jewels that were presented to Queen Victoria.

Diamonds are the stone of love, yet they are the hardest mineral known and can scratch anything.  Is there a hidden story in that?  I wonder.


  1. I've never thought of that before. Diamonds symbolizing love, yet it's the hardest mineral. Perhaps the person who decreed the diamond rep. love was being facetious. lol

    1. Su-sieee,

      Perhaps you are right about that.

      Thanks for reading. I'll be off work on Fri and plan to catch up on reading the A to Z blogs then. I'll make sure I visit yours.



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