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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Cat and Garden Duty Again

Well what a picture, but they were all over the house

Well August has arrived and my neighbor is off on another hiking trip.  She’ll be back in full swing with these trips now that fall is around the corner.  Well honestly, it’ll be a while before fall comes to the desert, but come August, she’s busy planning trips big time to get them in before the snow flies.

 Raven can't wait to see this carrier land in the house because he's going visiting.

So I’m watching Snuggles again until next Saturday and watering Sherry’s big garden.  Snuggles is no problem and very sweet.  I feel sorry for her when her “mom” travels so much of the time.

Part of the garden

 The garden is another issue because watering in the intense heat we have here is not very pleasant.  Usually it’s still in the 90’s at midnight.  Today we did get a rare reprieve because we had intense thunderstorms that rattled the windows and pounded us with large drops most of the night and part of today.  The high was only 78, something that doesn’t happen in the desert in July.  Good thing is I didn’t have to water the garden tonight and the water all the plants got was free.

 The desert sky was like this most of the day

I’ve been taking Raven over with me for a play date with Snuggles.  So far, this arrangement is working out pretty well.  Both cats are entertained.  There’s no hissing or growling.  They mostly check each other out at this point in their relationship and haven’t started playing yet.  Tonight Raven was real upset when I left him home to go over there.  He knew where I was going and wanted to come with me.

Snuggles on the play date

Raven on the play date - it was hard to get both of them in the same photo

 When we got back last night, Raven didn’t want to get out of the carrier.  When he finally did, I took it back to the garage and he shot out the door and found a completely new place to explore.  Heck, I didn’t want him out there.  It’s such a disaster area, anything could fall on him, and I’d never find him in all the conglomeration of stuff out there.  He managed to make it to the far wall where I seized him before he could slink his way under a box.  At least he didn’t crawl under my car.

 Part of my garage disaster -  almost embarrassed to post this, but I'm working on it

My husband said Raven watched from the window tonight and cried while I was gone.  So tomorrow, I’ll have to take him with me again.

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