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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Cats are so amazing!


I just love the little critters!  If no one stopped me, I’d probably have a whole house full of them.

I’ve been onto a heavy subject lately, so let’s lighten it up today by talking about one of my favorite subjects – my cats.  Each one is so different in personality, but they all love me everyday no matter what, so that really makes me happy.  When I’m sick, or having a bad day, they seem to be there to warm my heart and make me smile.

Sometimes they can be jealous of each other and demanding, but they always entertain me, meet me at the door, act silly, purr loudly, and give me those wonderful sandpaper kisses.

They all have found their place when it’s their time for ALL the love and attention.


Koki hangs out upstairs most of the time and stretches out on my desk.  When I’m on my computer typing something critical is when she decides it’s time to cuddle.  She starts by climbing all over me (and the keyboard if I’m not careful), pushing her little face into mine and purring and nuzzling me.  I know I’m in trouble when she has those lover eyes.


Tootie’s time is at night just before bed.  She loves to get in the bed and eat her cat treats, a bad habit my husband started.  Many mornings I wake up and find a couple of cat treats she missed and realize I’ve slept on them all night.  After her treats is her loving time.


Raven, my baby boy, is growing like a weed.  He gets my attention all the time, if he wants it.  He’s very attached to me.  Raven always meets me at the door when I come home, even if I only go into the garage and back.  He always has that thankful look on his little face that says, “Thank god, you didn’t leave me forever.”  He really pulls at the old heartstrings.

He usually follows me all over the house because he’s curious about everything.  This even includes the bathroom, but we’ll save that for later.


At dinnertime, Raven falls over at my feet in the kitchen and I have to be careful not to step on him while I’m cooking.  He’ll sit at attention while I get his food ready and knows not to get on the kitchen counter, even though he’s able to now.  I only told him no once.  He’s such a good boy!

Now I want to share a video that brought tears to my eyes.  No, it isn’t about my cats, although they are all rescues like the cat in the video.  I urge everyone wanting a pet to adopt a cat or dog from his or her local animal shelter, or animal rescue group.  These dear creatures are looking for a forever home.

Please enjoy The Cat Prince


  1. Hi Sunni! I love your cats! They're so adorable. They make me want to run out and get a cat. Ha,ha! Koki's my favorite, but they're all sweet. ;)

    1. Vashti,

      My cats are the light in my life. They're my best friends and I couldn't live without at least one cat.

      Koki is spunky and, even at nine, has her kitten-like times. She's such a sweetheart. You definitely should get a cat. They are very affectionate creatures who can sense your moods and always try to make it better.



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