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Friday, August 29, 2014

Snuggles and Me


If you haven’t guessed, I’m taking care of the neighbor’s cat again and watering her garden.  She’s off to hike the mountains of Wyoming before the weather gets too cold.  I have no idea who will step in after I move because Sherry’s gone a lot.  I feel sorry for the cat that is very sweet.

Storm clouds brewing over the desert

At least we got a good old-fashioned thunderstorm last night so watering the garden was done by Mother Nature.  It rained heavy about two hours and put on a lightning show over the desert.

 Snuggles and Raven

Tonight I took Raven with me because he loves to go over there for a play date.  I didn’t have to water so I could look after the situation, or so I thought.  However, tonight ants invaded her kitchen so I spent most of my time taking care of that situation.  The cats were fine while I went outside to spray Raid around the doors.

Raven is so good, but so funny.  He can wake from a dead sleep and be up and at my feet as soon as he hears me get the keys for Sherry’s house.  I take him over in the carrier and he gets back in there by himself when it’s time to go back home.  I think he just likes going places and getting out of the house.



I’ll be taking care of Snuggles until September 5.  But I know Sherry starts another trip on the eighth.  She hasn’t asked me to take care of the cat and garden yet, but I figure it’s coming.  I saw the dates on her calendar.

 Tomatoes and Peppers from the garden

I do get to pick veggies as a side benefit, but she knows I have a lot to do in order to move.  I will miss her cat though.  I’m sure Raven will too.

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