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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Do you lose your daring spirit in your old age?

This is the front door - reached from a courtyard

I have to wonder about this, as I also wonder if maybe this is more of my rebellious nature coming out.  This all crossed my mind as I was downloading my newest pictures of the house construction two lots down from us.  It had been a couple of weeks since I’ve been down the street to check out the progress, so I decided to walk over there tonight.

“Wait, I’ll come with you,” my husband hollers from the couch.

 This will be the pool.  This water standing under it would bother me.  The water here eats up the concrete after a while.

It was still light enough to take pictures, but I wanted to go inside as we circled the premises and I took the pictures I could.  I hoped someone had left a door open.  As my hand reached for a knob, my husband says, “Don’t you dare touch that door knob.”


“Because I said so,” he informs me.  Well, I wasn’t going to be dissuaded that easily as he tried to distract me by calling me over to look into a window close by.

As we reached the pool area in the back, one of the windows to the master bedroom was wide open.  I looked at it longingly.

Master bedroom opens to patio and pool area in back

“Do what you want to do,” he relents, “but I’m going home and I’m not bailing you out.”

“I’m not getting into trouble,” I said.  “I only want to look and take pictures.”

He left and headed back down the street as I slipped into the window, glad I was agile enough to do so without a lot of extra trouble.

 This is the great room.  This house has a lot of built-in cabinets.

Looking from the great room, this is the left side of the kitchen.

Looking from the great room, this is the kitchen

Looking from the great room, this is the dining room to the right of the kitchen

I meandered through the house, not touching anything except my camera as I took shots throughout.

This is the casita looking to the street.
Casita - opposite side of the room with door to the courtyard

When I got to the casita, I saw the door to the courtyard was wide open, so I exited the house through the door instead of through the window in the back.

My husband had locked the door to the house, so when I got home I rang the bell.  When he answered the door he said, “Are you in handcuffs?”

“Of course not!”  I replied.  “Do you want to see my pictures?”

He promptly took my camera and looked at them.

Front of the house.  Casita is the stone covered section sticking out.  Courtyard entrance is on the other side with the three-car garage on the far end.

I see nothing wrong with going through this house as I’ve been charting the progress from the very beginning stages.  People always go through houses under construction and, besides that, the door was wide open as were a couple of windows.  All the doors would be locked and there would be signs if no one wanted you in there.

In my estimation, the house is coming along, but has a way to go before anyone moves in.  There's no carpet in yet, or appliances.

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