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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Real Estate People


Okay, my intention isn’t to insult you if you happen to be a real estate person, but I have to say I have very little respect for realtors as a whole.  Why is it they won’t listen?  As you know, if you follow my blog, we have our house for sale.  We’re selling it ourselves and want to do it this way.  We’ve sold homes and land by owner in the past.  We know the rules, have a good relationship with a title company here, and don’t have a problem with this.  We’ve made it clear we’ll work with a realtor who brings us a legitimate buyer, but we don’t want to list the house, thank you.

We’ve had a sign professionally made, put up our own website for the house, had photos professionally taken and post ads for the house in good places on a daily basis.  Unfortunately, realtors troll these places now looking for homes for sale by owner.  We are inundated with calls.  So my husband says, “Why don’t we have a day with limited hours that we have the house open to any realtors who are bugging us – but only if they will work with us controlling the situation and have qualified buyers?”  Many times the real estate people say they want to preview the house first, as if they can’t do that by looking at the photos of every room from various angles and landscaping front and back.

Well today was that day.  And the first thing the people want you to do is give them a listing on the house.  We are upfront in our desire to sell it by owner.  Why would we change our mind?  They always seem to think we will, which is annoying.  Most of our discussions go back to this question throughout the house tour and talking afterward, which is an adamant no.

We even had a young guy, probably very new to real estate, ask us if we actually lived here?  What?  He said our house was too clean and orderly and how do we manage to keep it that way.  Am I that good a housekeeper?  Really?  I didn’t think so.

This whole venture was probably a waste of time, but we did it so we’ll see if anything comes of it in the future.

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