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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Wicked Wind

On Saturday night, we had wind here that blew at 67 MPH (the radio reported this the next day) for ten hours straight.  Naturally, we were out there trying to tie up trees, etc.  This always seems to happen.  I’m just thankful it wasn’t 30 degrees, which is usually the temp when we’re out tying up trees.  However, it was chilly.  I came in and took some extra vitamin c.

 Dark skies before the storm

You could almost see the windows moving in and out as blasts of wind hit them while roaring around the house.  I was wondering if they would hold up and not cave in.

We went out later and moved all the patio chairs close to the house.  They are heavy metal ones that have blown over before.

The next day we looked out to see the damage.

Another tree bites the dust


 The port-o-potty turned over

We only had one tree down, but it was a big one so now we need to replace three trees in the front yard.  This is quite pricey, so we may not replace the one that just broke.  The nursery here has been getting trees in because of the hard winter we had.  The problem is they plant them into big boxes immediately so they can charge more.  What a racket.

There were trees down all over our little town along with several street signs and two outhouses sitting at construction sites.

The wind also blew out the pilot light on the hot water heater so we were without hot water on Sunday morning.  Tell me how it can get past two doors to do that.  The water heater is in a room inside the garage.

Surprisingly the power never went out.  That’s a real shocker since it’s notorious for going out around here all the time.

Vacant lot ready for building - notice the port-o-potty is at the right

On another note, work has started on the vacant lot two doors down from us.  The men were there yesterday to mark out the lot for footings.


Tootie’s eye is continuing to heal.  We took her to the vet last Wed and were able to cut her meds down to twice a day.  I’m glad she’s such a little trooper.  We would never have been able to endure all that we’ve been through with this eye had it been a couple of the cats we’ve had in the past.  They were little scrappers and wouldn’t put up with being doctored that much, or having the e-collar around their neck.  I’m sure we’d have wounds all over us by now.

 Our resident lizard

The lizard is still making itself at home in the fireplace.  I don’t blame it for wanting to stay in there on Sat night.  We aren’t using the fireplace right now anyway and its entertainment for the cats.

 New side-by-side fridge

The new fridge was delivered last Thurs.  It seems smaller, but I'm just used to the French doors.  At least this works and that's the important thing, right?


  1. It's been so windy here lately, I never know what to expect to find after a storm! The power hasn't been going out every time it rains like it used to, though, which makes me think maybe they replaced a transformer that was old? I'm all for underground power lines if it helps prevent all these power outages.

  2. Stephanie,

    We do have underground untilities where we are, but some places still have power lines. The trouble with this place is they use old equipment and do a "quick fix" with refurbished parts when things go out. The power poles fall down in the wind. We get our power through the transmission lines that run on poles from the next town over. Actually that kind of power is much easier and quicker to fix - instead of digging things up. Where do you live?



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