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Friday, May 2, 2014

Aw Hell !


Well the technicians came and the fridge is toast.  The compressor went out and it’ll be $600 to repair it.  We can’t put this amount into a ten-year-old fridge.  So now, we have to find a new one.  This is very bad timing as we will be moving and intended to sell the fridge with the house.  We have a small used fridge in the garage that we’re using in the meantime while we look for something on sale.

My husband went to run errands after the repair guys left, so I decided to haul some big boxes out to the garage and get them out of the house.  He said he’d haul them out in due time, which means they’ll b there a while.  Naturally, I couldn’t see what I was doing, one big box caught the door lock, and I ended up locking myself out of the house.  Now what?  Today I didn’t have the house key in my pocket, wouldn’t you know, so I had to break in through the front window.  I’m so glad it’s nice today and I left it open about three inches.

As if all this isn’t enough today, I ended up cutting the bottom of my foot on my floor mat because it’s all cracked up.  I go barefoot around here in the summer and I didn’t want to get a new mat until after we move.  I guess that will teach me to wear shoes.

I’m told later today that we will need a permit to haul away the old fridge because it contains Freon, a hazardous substance.  But if we buy a new one, the people who deliver it will hail the old one away and dispose of it.  This may be easier, but you do wonder if everyone is in cahoots to sell new appliances.  My husband decided to check and see if the power company had any rebates on new fridges.  It turns out they have a small one and will give you another rebate if they haul away your fridge, but only if it qualifies.  In other words, I guess it has to be a certain brand.  We’re calling them tomorrow because we don’t want to be stuck with a fridge we have to dispose of.

The only good thing so far about today is that the weather is perfect.  The gusty winds are gone.  It’s sunny and we have a nice breeze.  It’s in the mid-80’s.  I love it.

 Mama with her birthday cake

I called my mom for her BD and got to talk a few minutes.  I think she had a terrific time at the restaurant and actually enjoyed her whole day today.  That’s great!  Maybe next year I can be there.


  1. I know many people sell fridges with their homes, but it's not 100 percent necessary. The home next door to us is for sale and no fridge is there. The owner took it with him. It's possible whoever buys the home will bring his/her own fridge...that does happen sometimes!

    1. Stephanie,

      This is true, but we went all over town today and found a good deal at Sears. They're having a one-day sale tomorrow, so will probably go and get it. Delivery is free. We didn't want to move the fridge, so hopefully won't have to.



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