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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Changing it up

Isn't this spectacular?  It's an Argentine Saguaro

I’ve been so negative lately, so how about some nice pictures of spring in the desert?  The cactus bloom in April and May and everything is so green out and dotted with color.  It’s really nice and hard to believe that these plants can live through the winters.  The only problem with cactus is that the blooms don’t last very long, but there are usually lots on each plant so they open at different times and this allows for some color over several weeks.


On another note, my little mischievous girl, Koki, is now nine-years-old and settling down a bit.  I hate to see this, but times goes on whether we like it or not.


Raven is now six-months-old and into everything.  He’s the live wire around here, but it’s nice to have some action in the house, although my husband wouldn’t agree with me on this point.

 Tootie with her messed up eye - poor baby

Tootie with her collar on

Tootie is the old gal at age fourteen.  She’s the one having the eye troubles since Raven scratched her when they were wrestling.  She has a cornel ulcer now on her eye that we’ve been treating over the last couple of months.  Thank goodness, she’s a trooper because she gets ointment in it three times a day and then has to wear this Elizabethan collar for a while.  Actually, the vet instructed us to keep it on her all the time, but we take it off after a couple of hours.  It’s mainly so she’ll leave her eye alone when we put the ointment in.  It’s getting better, but will probably be a while before it’s healed up.  I just hope she’ll be able to see out of it later.

Enjoy some more scenery around the parkway where we live.  

It’s going into the 90’s here in the desert.  I love this time of year.  We haven’t even turned the A/C on yet, but I imagine we’ll have to soon.  I wish it was like this all year, but you can’t have everything you wish for and the plants do need a rest.


  1. My computer locked up while I was trying to post a comment, so hopefully this won't post twice...if so, delete the other one! The desert is beautiful this time of year. I had no idea! I know what you mean with your cats. My dog is 6 and it seems like only yesterday that she was a puppy!

    1. Stephanise,

      I only got one comment. That's happened to me before too.

      Most people probably don't have the chance to see the desert in spring time, so I wanted to share some of my pictures. It does get very hot here, and yes, we have dust storms and a lot of dirt and sand, but it's also beautiful sometimes. The mountains are always pretty around here because they are red, white and black. The mix makes for some awesome pictures.



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