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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Construction goes on two doors down

We hear beep, beep, beep all day as the earth-movers shove dirt around on the vacant lot two doors down.  I guess this is better than the hammers and saws we’ll hear soon.  The cats are fascinated though, by all the action over there, so it keeps the little rascals occupied part of the day.

 Lot Excavation

 Lot Excavation
I’m not so sure I’d want my house built there because there’s an underground stream they filled in when they built this subdivision years ago.  Our house doesn’t sit on it, but it’s under the lots next door and it crosses the street running under my neighbor’s house and meandering through the neighborhood.

 Lot Excavation

My husband tried to tell the builder who pooh-poohed him off until they hit running water about eight feet down.  He had to change his strategy, so now they’re bringing in loads of rock to beef-up the building pad.

The owner wants a pool.  This isn’t a good idea as we’re in a drought situation right now and once it gets rainy again, water stands over there when it’s 115 degrees in July.  No one wants to listen to us, so I guess the new guy will learn an expensive lesson down the road.

It’s still windy, warm and dry.


  1. Ugh. You'd think the builder would know better. That's crazy! Houses are starting to slide in my neighborhood--someone told me when they were building these homes, there were big sinkholes--so they just filled them in with limbs and dirt. Sinkholes persist...

    1. Hi Stephanie,

      I think all the builders see is dollar signs. I don't see anythng good coming for that house down the road.



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