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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Stain glass kitten

Raven making his move
 Raven - if you look closely, you'll see his body behind the stained glass

Isn’t this an unusual shot?  Raven finally made it to the headboard to look out the moon window over the bed.  He’s been trying that maneuver for a couple of weeks now.  He wasn’t sure of himself for jumping up there.  He kept trying and didn’t give up, as is the norm for a cat.  They are very determined.

We were lucky to get this shot of him walking behind the stain glass hanging in the window.  Even luckier, was the fact that he didn’t knock it down.

Have a great Memorial Day everyone!  Stay safe out there.


  1. My husband has some stained glass hanging like that outside on our patio, so I know how fragile it can be. Great shot!

    1. Thanks Stephanie. Cats don't stay put very long, so this was a lucky shot. We have three stain glass pieces in the house. I'm not sure how we're going to move them yet.



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