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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Anything’s a Toy

Raven trying to make up after he got into trouble

Raven gives me so much pleasure.  He’s a little rascal though and finds himself in trouble quite a bit.  He loves to get into the vases and the floor pots and chew on the plants.  I have to keep things out of reach – just like a kid – but with a cat, they can go anywhere they decide to go.  LOL.  Most stuff ends up out in the garage temporarily.  That place is such a mess I’ll probably never get it straightened up.

 Raven and the shoe string

Raven and the shoe string
Raven likes to pack his toys around and somewhere he found this old shoestring and starting dragging it around the house.  OMG was it ever cute.  He figured out fast how to keep from stepping on it.  Raven kept looking behind him to make sure the string was coming along with him.  It was precious and I couldn’t help myself and had to take more pics of this little cat.

Koki - Raven's partner in crime

At night and early in the mornings he has a playmate in crime – Koki.  They make so much noise chasing around at night and jumping on the bed.  I always cringe that they don’t wake my husband up.  It’s all part of being a cat and I’m always awake anyway.

 Raven and Koki on the cat tree

But I have to watch them with an eagle eye.  Yesterday Koki ate one of my vitamins before I got it away from her.  It was selenium, so only a mineral and she seems to be fine.  I watched her and almost called the vet.  I had visions in my mind of having her stomach pumped out.  She loves to smell inside the vitamin jars when I’m getting my vitamins out.  I never expected her to eat one.  Now I know and told myself to be more careful in the future.

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