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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Finding a Forever Home

I think that’s what most shelter cats are hoping to do.  My little boy’s dreams came true a year ago today when he came home with me.  He is the sweetest little angel, purring loudly all the time.  He doesn’t know a stranger either and is very social with anyone that comes to the house, be it friends or workers.

Raven today

Raven a year ago

Of course he gets into his share of mischief because he's curious about everything.  He has made friends with the other two cats in the house finally, so he has fun playing with them.  It took Koki the longest time to accept him (about seven months or so), but now that she has, they play daily and chase each other around the house.  It's amazing at how much noise two cats can make running upstairs.


Koki is quite the daredevil and always has been, so she's teaching Raven some of her tricks and he's a willing student.  Every time we bring a ladder into the house, Koki climbs it straight away.  Raven watches fascinated and finally ventured up the ladder himself.  Now he’s trying to figure out she walks on top of the shower stall and jumps on top of the linen cabinet.  I just hope he doesn’t hurt himself or breaks anything when he tries those feats.

Raven waiting to greet visitors

He’s such a joy to have around and is tall with long legs.  He now weighs 10 and 1/2 pounds and is taller and heavier than Koki, but she seems to like him better now than when he was a baby.

 Raven says "Sure I can fit in here.  See?"

Raven into mischief

Raven loves to knock things onto the floor, which irritates my husband a bit, but I've picked up most of the breakables - can't pick up everything. Hopefully nothing valuable will get broken while he's in this exploratory stage.

Raven and Tootie

I probably have several hundred pics of this cat now and have captured lots of moments in his life.  If you’re reading this blog, I hope you won’t get tired of looking at cat pictures.  There are many more coming in future days.  They are my kids after all.

 Raven during quiet time

If you can find it in your heart, please give a shelter animal a forever home.  I’ve never regretted bringing this little boy home.


  1. Hi Sunni! Raven is such a beautiful and fun kitty. I can't believe he weighs 10.5 lb.! He weighs more than my pomeranian! Ha, ha! I'm glad he and Koki are finally getting along.

    1. Vashti,

      Raven keeps me entertained. He's so curious and always into something. I can't believe he weighs that much either, but he's a real chow hound.

      I was wondering for a while if Koki would ever accept him and I'm so glad she finally did. She needed somebody to play with because Tootie, my other cat, is getting too old to play much. Tootie will be 15 next month.

      Thanks for reading my stories.


  2. It's not just cats either. I think we all want that "forever home" even if it isn't always in the same place. Security is something that all living things probably strive for--I can't imagine any not wanting a safe place to lay themselves at night and come back to after the hunt for whatever they may be doing in life or looking for.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Tossing It Out

  3. Lee,

    I couldn't agree more. You said that well. Thanks for stopping by. I need to visit your blog soon, haven't been there in a while.


  4. Adorable! My husband and I are foster parents for cats. We've had two of three adopted to forever homes in the last year. It's bittersweet being a foster home that's for sure. Right now we have a lovable orange furball who goes by the name Champagne. Hopefully he'll find a forever home soon, but in the meantime we're happy to have him as part of our family!

    1. Brandy,

      Good for you! More people need to step up and take in these poor animals on the street so they have a chance at a forever home. I think what you do is fantastic! I get so attached to the cats that it's hard to give them up. If I lived alone I imagine I'd be a cat lady with dozens of them here at one time.

      I hope Champagne finds a forever home soon. Thank you so much for reading and leaving a comment.



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