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Sunday, March 1, 2015

No Sunny Spots Today

The desert behind my house

The rain is gently falling in the desert today and all is quiet, no critters are stirring, not even my furry ones in the house.  The cats are all tucked up in their warm places today. 

Raven and Tootie


We’ve had rain periodically for a couple of days now and have two more days to go.  We’re even expecting thunderstorms tonight, which we don’t have often.  I imagine that will send Tootie into hiding under the bed.

Another shot outside my window

I’m up in my hovel today trying to write.  It’s a great day to curl up somewhere with a good book, but I really want to get my WIP finished in this lifetime.  As I get on a role it’s always quitting time, which I really hate, but someone has to cook and clean up the dishes.  I wonder why we can't have cereal so I can keep writing.  

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