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Sunday, February 22, 2015

The latest fiasco taking up my time

It seems my life is full of trying to figure something out.  Usually this involves some electronic device or other problem that comes up concerning the internet connection or problem with the TV.  I’m always the one elected to solve all these issues in my house.  When it comes to other things, supposedly I don’t know what I’m talking about.  Maybe I get roped into these things because I’m patient and usually will devote quite a bit of time to fixing the issue, whatever it is, even when I don’t know anything about how to go about it myself. 

 This is the range extender
This latest problem was another internet issue.  We needed to get a stronger signal downstairs for the computers because the modem and router are upstairs.  When I saw a wifi range extender device I thought that was just the solution to all the problems…WRONG…After four hours over the weekend to try and set this device up, I can honestly say what a mistake that was to even think this could work.  Nothing is ever that easy, is it?

Once I reached my point of exasperation, I tried to call the technician at the manufacturer to give me some pointers and maybe do some troubleshooting from his end.  It’s true I’m quite stubborn, but I did try to call way before this and got no one to talk to, so it was back to the drawing board from my end.

After another hour on the phone, unplugging this and that and changing all kinds of cords and computer settings around, the tech seems to think my router is too old to “talk” to the new device.  While this may be true, it’s still served me quite a few years and still works, but the signal downstairs isn’t as strong as it could be.

Right now my brain is fried and I need to chill out and get away from electronic devices a while.

 A gloomy rainy day
Meanwhile, we have rain in the desert today and it’s cold with a high in the mid forties.  There’s a chance of snow mixed with rain tonight and tomorrow.  It’s hard to believe it was in the seventies on Friday and I was wearing a tank top and sandals.

This is Koki's favorite place in my office - the modem

This is Raven under a throw on the couch

Tootie on the couch

The cats are snuggled in where they can find warmth.  Maybe eventually I’ll get back to my book after I get the taxes done, another one of my “jobs.”

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