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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Monkey see – Monkey do


I wrote a post a while back about Koki teaching Raven her moves and daredevil behavior.  This teaching goes on with Raven’s full attention to his studies.  He’s an eager and alert student following behind Koki and watching spellbound.

 Koki and Raven

Koki and Raven
Yesterday my husband got the ladder out to do some touch up painting in the house.  He didn’t have it set up five minutes and Koki was at the top investigating.  I’m sure thoughts went through her mind as to how to jump from there to the second floor, or vice versa.


Raven watched from below, his big golden eyes wide, his tail twitching.  After Koki got down, he looked it over and then proceeded up the ladder, cautiously at first, stopping to smell every step.  Before long he was at the top eyeing the second floor.


The “kids” had fun all evening, but we took the ladder back to the garage overnight for fear they would do some daredevil tricks in the night. 


Once the ladder was back today, Raven followed my husband up the ladder, which didn’t go over well.  I had to make him get down.

It’s all in good fun.  I like to watch the cats who are constantly entertaining me with their antics.

Meanwhile, hang gliders have been enjoying the desert behind the house

This was today's gorgeous sunset


  1. Oh Sunni, I would be terrified that one of them would fall and break something. That sunset picture is gorgeous!

    1. Vashti,

      I'm always terrified they'll break something and my husband will have a fit. Hopefully that won't happen. A cat is a cat. At least there's been no more jumping from the second floor balcony. That costs us two trips to the vet and lots of dollars several years ago.

      We get lots of great sunsets here with pink and orange, but they don't last long.


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