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Sunday, January 4, 2015

The Newspaper Bulldozer

Raven into mischief

I’m talking about my little fur boy and his new entertainment.  I don’t dare leave a stack of papers or magazines in the house because he takes great joy in pushing them onto the floor and plowing right through them.  The bigger the stack, the better, but he isn’t really picky.

 Raven into mischief

It does no good to fuss at him, so I just let him play until he gets bored and then I pick everything up.  It doesn’t take all that long until he’s onto something else he can get into.

 The tunnel - one of their favorite toys
Koki loves him now and they play all the time.  We have a kid’s play tunnel that we got years ago and that’s a favorite toy to chase through.  That tunnel has seen a lot of cats in it’s day, but now that Raven’s here it’s about ready for the trash bin, or some major repairs.  Raven’s latest adventure is to get down on the floor where he uses his head to push on this nylon channel causing it to roll across the tile so it ends up on the opposite side of the room.  It’s even better if he’s placed a noisy toy inside first.

 Koki and Raven on the cat tree - sorry this is so dark
This behavior reminds me of how we used to play on the old rusted out wrecked cars beside our house when we were kids.  With our heads down, we would crawl up and over the cars pretending we were driving down the highway.  There was an imaginary line right down the middle of these old cars so we had to stay in our lane and not cause a wreck.  We must have been entertained easily back then – just like a cat, able to entertain ourselves with anything we came across.

But I’m glad Koki has taken up with him and they play chase.  They sound like bowling balls running back and forth across the floor upstairs.  And downstairs they get so caught up in playing that they really disturb the place by racing through the tunnel so quickly that it makes the nylon rustle loudly.  From there it’s swiftly scaling the cat tree, which makes it rock, and then jumping three foot to the chair that jolts from the sudden impact.  Then it’s racing through the tunnel again and across the tile, spinning their feet for traction, before heading up the stairs.  If they can make a racket and make something wobble its more fun.

 Tootie staying out of the melee
Tootie doesn’t get into all this, preferring to watch from her cushy place on the couch.  I try to keep waking her up, if I’m not upstairs writing, so she’ll sleep at night.  The last couple of months she’s kept us awake meowing all night for no reason.  I read on the net that older cats do that if they’re losing their hearing or going senile.  I don’t think there’s anything wrong with her hearing, so I guess she’s on her way to Alzheimer’s.  Can cats get that?  I guess it’s time to get back on Google.

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