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Monday, January 26, 2015

Greetings from the desert

Desert sunrise at my house

Look at this gorgeous sunrise we had this morning.  I’m not up this early very often.  My husband was stranded in the airport overnight because his plane was two hours late.  He was catching the first shuttle this morning, hence me being up way early when I didn’t go to bed until after 3 AM.  Better that though than stranded in an airport for several hours.

I cleaned like a mad woman yesterday and wore myself up.  I could hardly move once I crawled into bed.  The cats piled on me and I didn’t even care they were pinning me to the mattress.  I probably could have slept on a bed of nails at that point anyway.  I knew that would be a fast two or three hours of rest.  And it was.

 Koki and Raven playing in one of the best toys I ever got for them

Today was leisurely compared to yesterday, but I got no writing done at all.

A roadrunner sunning itself in the backyard.

The cats did their usual routine, bird watching in the morning after breakfast.  We have lots of roadrunners and raptors coming by along with the usual varied array of birds.  Once the birds fly on, it’s onto chasing each other through the house before finding a sunny spot for nap time.


Poor Koki started sneezing yesterday and I think she may be catching a cold.  She always crawls on top of the modem soaking up the heat coming from it when I’m on the computer.  I pulled out a kitty blanket for her.



It was about 68 here today, which was a delight.  I always feel hopeful that spring is right around the corner.  I can hardly wait, even though it will mean lots of hard work in the garage and yard.

I feel for the poor people living in the northeast.  A blizzard is headed their way with hurricane force winds.  I can’t imagine living in that cold.  I guess there’s no choice but to hunker down and hope the power stays on.

Here are a few recent pics of my darlings.

Raven "It's time for a nap."

Raven "I know I can squish my body into his box."

Raven "Maybe I'll take a nap with Tootie instead."

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