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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Silence is Golden

How true that is.  I love the peace and silence so I can think.  When my husband is here he always has to have noise, whether it’s the radio, TV or internet videos.  He’s in Oregon right now with his family and the house is so quiet and still.  I’m enjoying all the time I have to write on my book, read, eat and sleep when I want to.  This kind of situation doesn’t happen often.

When my husband’s father ended up in the hospital with pneumonia, he had no choice but to go there for support and to help out if he can.  His dad is better now, but weak and can’t get around well by himself.  But he’s done pretty well for being 96.

This whole circumstance makes me think about getting old and how to deal with the situation when I can’t care for myself.  Naturally, seniors want to stay in their own home and would rather not go to assisted living.  Who can blame them for that?  I know I will be the same way if things ever get to that point for me.  People are always more comfortable in familiar surroundings.

I think right now they at least need a live-in housekeeper who can help with meals and cleaning.  I’m not sure how well this idea will go over, but time will tell.  They have to make the decision that seems right for them.  My husband thinks they should downsize, but a move at their age would be a killer.  The house is big enough that a housekeeper could use one of the bedrooms downstairs and everyone would still have their privacy.

My husband always wants to downsize.  I enjoy all my space, but I’m sure we’ll be downsizing when we sell the house.  I think the reason why I like so much room is that we had such little space growing up.

This trip couldn’t have come at a better time for me because I’m working on my book (or books) I should say.  So this is giving me a lot of time that I wouldn’t ordinarily have to spend in this area.  I’ve been burning the midnight oil writing and rewriting.  I can’t seem to satisfy myself so far.  This book is constantly on my mind.  I’m always trying to work out the issues in my head all day, and at night or early morning when I finally get to bed.

Something is going to come together soon, I hope.

The cats can sense I’m busy, so they haven’t wanted a lot of my attention lately.  I’m glad they have each other to play with because when I’m exhausted, I’m not ready to chase them through the house for thirty minutes.  They love that game.

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