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Friday, January 30, 2015

Raining in the Desert

A storm is afoot

It’s dreary and cold today.  We don’t get much rain in the desert.  The cats are curled up in warm places, no sun spots streaming through the windows to lie out in today.  It is 50 degrees, so not terrible compared to other parts of the country, but I’m cold and have on thermals again today.  As you can see by some of these pictures, everything is misty out and shrouded in fog.  The bright side is we’re saving on the water bill.  There always has to be a bright side to everything if you look around enough to find it.

Tootie and Raven huddled in a chair

Koki on top of the modem - her favorite place when it's cold

I should be writing on my novel today, but instead I’ve been reading the news pages on the internet.  Slap my hands!  I’ll never get this mystery finished at this rate.  It’s one of those days to grab a good book, curl up in a chair with a blanket and a cat in your lap.

Mountains behind the house shrouded in fog and mists

My intention was to go to a good-bye party for our newspaper editor this afternoon, but I didn’t want to get out in this rain with all the slick roads and the nuts out there.  Our editor has been with the paper here for twelve years.  He writes a weekly column about life that’s interesting.  I hate to see him leave because now we’ll probably get a Mormon replacement, which is the dominate faith here.  I’m really surprised that he was able to secure the job for that long.  It’s a wonderful thing he did and he’ll be missed.  As far as I can see there is no upside to this story, but I shouldn’t be so quick to make a judgment until I see what’s coming next.  To be continued…

Raindrops on the window

I’m leaving the state anyway, as soon as my house sells, so what do I really care?  And the editor is leaving the state to pursue other interests in Nebraska of all places.  I could have picked a better destination than that, but I know he has his reasons and I wish him well.

 The red mountain Ivins is famous for
I don’t know many people in the minority that can stay here very long.  I talked to a girl last fall that was leaving before her first year was up.  Life is different in Utah.  No bars, no dancing, discrimination against people in the minority religion, and animal neglect are the first things that come to mind.  There are many others.  Maybe someday I’ll write more about my experiences living here.

On a high note, Raven’s one-year anniversary of living with me is coming up in a week.  He’s such a good boy and so happy.  Look for stories and more pictures.

Signing off from the soggy desert…

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