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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Just another Day in the Desert

Palo Verde Tree - Sunni's Photo's

Palo Verde Blossoms - Sunni's Photo's

There is not much going on here except LOTS of yard work. The winter was very hard on everything. Sadly, we lost a large Palo Verde tree and possible some palms as well. They aren’t looking too great now. Neither is my elephant’s foot that I brought with me from CA. I wrap it every winter and keep it pulled up close to the house and it has been fine until this year. I would hate to lose it after all these years. I rescued it from the trash back in 1979. I am thankful that I always put my purple clover and my plumeria in the garage. It is still there, as it isn’t supposed to be in temperatures less than forty degrees. I’ll put them on the patio soon, as it is around fifty now at night.

Elephants Foot - Flower Shop Garden Website

At least we have buds and small leaves on some of the trees. Others won’t come out until late in April.

After taking yesterday off to relax our tired muscles from all the physical labor, we will be trimming the palms trees this weekend. My husband always gets the chainsaw out. That is quite a job because we have to cut the fronds up to fit them into the trashcan once they are off the tree. They don’t allow you to take them to the landfill either because they don’t disintegrate like other yard clippings. It takes a long time, so you can see why island people use them to make thatch roofs. It will take several weeks to get rid of all of them because there will be no room left in the trashcans. Luckily, one year they let us take them to the city dump that they set up for certain types of yard waste. It amazes me that they totally filled the bed of my husband’s truck. We had to squash them in there, even then.

Starting tomorrow, you will see a different post on here everyday because I am using this blog for the A to Z Challenge. I’m writing about a broad spectrum of subjects. Please stop by and leave a comment. Thank you for reading, posting, and following me.

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