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Sunday, March 3, 2013

I Survived Another Winter!

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This about says it all for me, once March rolls around. I know we don’t have it as bad as a lot of the country, but I am definitely NOT a winter person! Sometimes, I wonder how I was ever able to spend five years of my life in Alaska.

We are FINALLY out of the freezing temperatures for this year, I think. The weather forecast was for 70 today, but I’m just glad it’s 64. That almost seems like a heat wave right now. I know the animals are happy too. They love this sunshine, the birds chirping away, and the rabbits are hopping around in the desert out back. We must have at least two dozen chipmunks on our patio begging for peanuts.

Everything is coming back to life, although winter hit a few of the plants and trees hard this year. It will take a lot of trimming to get them in shape, on the ones that were able to survive. Once it gets a little warmer, lots of yard work is in store.

I peeked at my flowers that I push up next to the house and cover with a heavy blanket. It delights me to see that they are green. I only lost two of those and one has a large orange bloom on it. This is exciting. I wonder at the mystery of how it can bloom under a blanket with no daylight. Nature is amazing, isn’t it?


  1. I like to see winter. I just don't like being out in it for long periods. Short doses can be kind of invigorating, but enduring cold for overly long periods can be painful and uncomfortable. But a snowy landscape viewed through a window from a warm environ can be nice.

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  2. Lee,

    This is true about snow looking beautiful, if you can view it from afar. I think my five winters in Alaska did it for me in the snow dept. I wouldn't mind it being at least 80 year round. I plan on landing some place warm before next winter hits. Of course, I have a house to sell first and that may be a problem.

    My hands get numb in the cold. That is no fun, so I breathe a sigh of relief once March gets here. I even have to type with gloves on in the winter months and I hate that.

    Thanks for reading and posting.



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