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Saturday, April 29, 2017

Y is for the Yucca.

This is common desert plant, although I had them in Texas when I lived there years ago.  I suppose they might grow anywhere.  I remember digging holes to plant them in Texas and pouring ash or something into the hole to create the right environment.

 Isn't this beautiful?  Typical of all yuccas, the leaves are spiny with thorns.   The Indians used to use parts of this pant for food.  The leaves were woven into baskets or mats.

We have them all over here in the desert growing wild as they do in this climate.  We brought one of the yucca family from California when we moved here and have planted it in the ground.  It’s very happy there and rewards us with beautiful blooms every June.  The flower reminds me of a bridal flower, or bouquet.  As with any desert plant, you can watch the bloom forming for months and then it only last a few days, or a week if you’re lucky.


  1. Sounds like it has a lot of uses, plus it is pretty too.

    1. pilch,

      It does have a lot of uses and I love the flowers, only wish they lasted longer.



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