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Monday, April 10, 2017

Staying healthy as we age

Of course we’ve all heard this many times.  Exercise regularly.  This includes walking, which is good exercise.

Stay socially active with friends and family.  If you don’t have family nearby, you could volunteer at various things in the community where you live.

Eat a healthy, well-balanced diet.  Dump the junk food and include greens in your meals.  Salads are very good for you.  We need to think about eating enough fiber, eating foods that are low in fat and also low in cholesterol.

Of course we all know that drinking too much or using drugs is a bad thing, as well as smoking.  There are many health issues attributed to smoking, so if you smoke quitting should be at the top of your list for a healthier lifestyle.

I always say everything in moderation is probably okay.  I would never give up having a glass of wine once in a while.  I don’t think anyone should do this daily, or get behind the wheel to drive anywhere if you’ve been drinking. 

I exercise daily; eat moderately and also as healthy as I can.  It helps keep the weight down, which is also another health issue.  Drinking enough water daily is also another important consideration.

One should also keep their mind active too.  This is a new focus for me, not that my mind isn’t active enough to run away with itself all the time anyway, but since my mother was diagnosed with dementia, I feel it’s doubly important to exercise your brain daily.  You can do this by reading regularly, doing puzzles and word games, writing, playing card games, or any other thing that‘ll make you think.

We may as well be healthy, old people instead of ones with numerous issues to deal with.  I think old age is hard enough anyway without adding on other problems that maybe we can control now.

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