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Saturday, April 8, 2017

G is for gladiator

I don’t know why sword fighters interest me so much but they have for years.  I’m a huge fan of King Arthur and have almost every book written about him.  Knights were so courageous and chivalrous.  I can’t help myself when it comes to that era.  I would never want to live in medieval times, but I love reading about them.  Life was never dull for a knight.  They lived dangerously and were lucky to survive many battles without being wounded or killed.  I think times back then were pretty lawless with crazy people taking things into their own hands.  But throughout history and into present day, people have always been that way to a point.  Look at the Wild West with all the outlaws.  And people today that place bombs in busy places to maim or kill a lot of unsuspecting people, or go to workplaces and schools and start shooting.

 Gladiators from Wikipedia
I’m sure most of the medieval battles were over land, or as revenge, but I wonder how many people were just downright crazy back then and no one thought about mental illness.

 My new gladiator sandals
Anyway, I’ve always wanted a pair of gladiator sandals, so I finally bought some.  I’ve had a lot of issues with athlete’s foot lately because I have to wear socks and sneakers to work and I work a lot.  My feet like to be out and to breathe, so I always wear flip-flops, or go barefoot in the summer.  Due to my home remedies trying to get rid of my athlete’s foot, I caused a giant blister on my big toe, so I can’t wear flip-flops for a while.  That prompted me to go out and get the gladiator sandals.  I think I’ll be wearing them a lot this year.


  1. My hubby likes anything on television having to do with Gladiators. They really fought in barbaric ways. How some survived to fight on is just beyond me. Luck?

    1. Thea,

      Maybe part of it was luck, plus they were well trained and good fighters. I think that's part of it too.



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