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Monday, April 24, 2017

The goat that ate figs

Okay, this is a short story that we made up for the kids after doing a demo for this goat and fig cheese at Costco for three nights in a row.  We were all pretty rummied by the third day and had a good laugh about this goat cheese as we wondered how it even came about to start with. 

Apparently this cheese has many uses besides a regular table cheese.  You can use it as a spread on sandwiches, smear it on toast or pancakes, or put it in numerous recipes, etc.  It has a sweet flavor and is more like a desert cheese than a regular table cheese.  No wonder all the kids liked it.  I’m not sure how the Celebrity Company came up with the idea of adding figs to the goat cheese.

Here’s our story:

One day a goat was walking along and got very tired so it decided to take a nap under a fig tree.  The large leaves provided nice shade and it soon fell fast asleep.  Halfway through its nap, a ripe fig fell off the tree right onto the goat’s nose.  Being curious, as goats are, it looked it over at the sweet fruit and decided it was ready for a little snack. 

 From Costco Website
It took a small bite and then another and before long it had gotten up and eaten every fig off the tree.  Soon the master was calling it in.  It was milking time, so the goat, revived from the nap and the figs, frolicked over to the barn. 

“Why are you so happy today?”  The farmer looked at the goat curiously.  It wasn’t long and the farmer found out the goat had been in the garden munching on the figs.  Once the milk was processed for cheese, it had a distinct flavor and was sweeter than the other cheese. 

From that day forward the goat was allowed to wander into the garden of fig trees and eat his fill.  The farmer planted more trees so the goat would never run out of his favorite snack and he would never run out of his famous cheese.  By then everyone in the village was waiting for the next batch of goat fig cheese.


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