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Saturday, April 15, 2017

Mind blowing facts

Every month that starts on a Sunday will have a Friday the thirteenth.  I didn’t know this until I saw a tidbit about it the other day, so I decided to research it, along with other facts.  There are usually always two Friday the thirteenths in every year, while some years will have three or four.  Very few years have none, although there can be fourteen months without a Friday the thirteenth.

Here are some other facts you can share with your friends.

1.  High heels were invented by men.  Butchers originally used them to avoid stepping in blood.  Okay, can anyone really picture a butcher wearing heels?

2.  Eating onions and garlic helps your hair grow.

3.  High atmospheric pressure affects bubbles in your coffee.  If the bubbles are closer to the center, expect rain or stormy weather.

4.  Elephants are one of the most intelligent and emotional creatures in the world.  They can save other animals that need help, such as trapped dogs and humans.

5.  If a cockroach touches a human it runs to safety and cleanses itself.  Hmmm…I didn’t think the cockroach had much of a brain, but then I’ve heard they can survive a nuclear war.

6.  You wouldn’t be able to taste any food unless it’s mixed with your saliva.

7.  Dolphins act as midwives and help other dolphins give birth.

8.  Putting sugar on a cut or wound will help it heal faster.  I’m going to have to try this.  I’m always hurting myself.

9.  The smell of freshly cut grass is the scent that plants release when they’re in distress.

10.  During pregnancy a woman’s brain shrinks and it takes up to six months to regain its original size.

There are lots more unusual facts.  I may write another post about this later.


  1. On number 10.....I am wondering if this is so, so the baby gets its brain development. Hmmm. Ha!


    1. Thea,

      I also wonder about number 10, but maybe that's how the baby does it get it's brain development. Maybe they should give a test to pregnant women before and during and see how they score.


  2. I noticed the thing about Friday the 13th years ago. Every year has at least one. This is because there are 12 months in a year, and during a year, there will be at least one of them that starts on a Sunday.

    The number of Friday the 13ths will depend on which month starts on a Sunday. Because, months repeat. That is, some months have their days fall on the same days of the week. And I'll tell you which ones. (This is slightly different for leap years, but as this is not a leap year, it'll work.)

    January & October
    February, March, & November
    April & July
    May's on its own
    June's on its own
    August's on its own
    September & December

    That's 7 different configurations. 7 days in a week. I forget the order, but given that one of those starts on a Sunday, there's an order which tells you which set then starts on Monday, Tuesday, etc.

  3. Liz,

    Yes there's an order to the days of the week as they relate to each month and all the Friday the 13th's. I find all this stuff very interesting.



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